BODY SHAPERS : Weightloss myths and truths

Weight loss has always been a constant challenge to thousands of women who are struggling with having a desirable body shape and achieving this with minimum fuss. Are you wondering if there is really a way to lose weight without exercising, dieting, or surgery?  Do you need to risk your health and expenses on liposuction surgery if there is an easier way,and if there is, why don't everybody know about it, better yet, why are there still fat people?

Most women love to take the easy way out including me, and why not,especially with lots companies coming up with new products and health supplements promising weight loss within few days, even minutes of usage of these products. This is the reason why products like Body wraps, Clean 9,Shake-off, Body magic are becoming more and more popular these days.


Body/ waist shapers like body-magic, girdles and waist training garments like cinchers are corsets have been used by numerous women ,many claim positive results especially with corsets which have been in used since Victorian times, prolonged use results in a tinnier waist, giving an hour glass shape figure, but has the disadvantage of shifting organs, weaker muscles and disproportionate physical shape.  Waist training garments and body shapers provide instant physical results as well as an instant boost of confidence among women who desire a smaller waist line. They come in handy when going for a social function, at least you are conscious enough to always tuck in your tummy. But imagine dropping three dress sizes instantly like the women in these before and after photos. Who wouldn’t want this?


Have you also noticed every few years a wonder product arrives on the scene? They seem to come just in time when everyone is desperate for a quick fix. They are always easy, fun, safe, quick... and do not forget your friends will envy you. Now, I know with every product or supplement’s every advantage there are equal or greater disadvantages. We have all been taught that there are pros and cons in every decision that we make and should always proceed with caution.
We have all experienced the daunting task of weight loss or know someone that is challenged with it. Also it is pretty easy to get caught up in a magic solution. Think about it, how many people do you know who would be uninterested in a faster, easier way to lose weight

Body Wraps
Body wraps are soaked and treated strips of cloth that you wrap around all or part of your body to allegedly lose weight and inches. Spas that offer body wraps tout them as a non-surgical weight-loss alternative and claim they help you lose weight, firm your skin, remove toxins from your body and reduce the circumference of treated body parts.

Body wraps are intended to help you lose weight by shedding large quantities of water through sweat. There are other claims that the detoxifying properties of the wrap treatment can help you jump-start your weight-loss program by removing the toxins from your body that prevent you from losing weight. Some body wrap companies also claim that the treatment relieves pain, removes cellulite and nourishes your skin.

Can body shapers reduce tummy fat?
Truth: You cannot reduce your waist size by working the abdominal muscles, nor can you reduce your thighs with a thigh exercise.The only way to reduce tummy fat is by combining a precise nutrition program with the right balance of aerobic and resistance exercise.
Wear or not to wear body shapers?
Fat is more calorie dense than the equivalent amount of carbohydrate or protein. To permanently lose the fat stores in your tummy or your body, you have to burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate with an exercise routine and proper nutrient ratio adaptations, that means eating the right food at regular intervals. Wearing body shapers would actually make your abs and back weaker since it is always supported by this girdle. And it would do nothing to help reduce tummy or body fat.
Expert Insight
Reputable health experts — both traditional scientists and alternative medicine specialists — remind consumers that the body shaper or food supplement is not a weight-loss quick-fix. For example,all the weight you lose from a body wrap is the result of dehydration rather than fat loss, the pounds and inches will return within a few days, once you have re-hydrated. The U.S. Food and Drug administration reminds consumers that “fat doesn’t melt,” and any product claiming to “melt” fat or cellulite is making unsubstantiated claims. Use testimonials from close friends rather than scientific studies ,unverifiable or claims that are listed on the packaging.
Before using any product, read the ingredients and side effects carefully to avoid allergic reactions. Some food supplement can cause excessive purging, dehydration, body shaper or waist trainer if it’s not the correct size can cause discomfort or imbalanced posture.

Way forward
Therefore, a combination of properly monitored aerobic exercise and resistance training enables you to rapidly burn the maximum amount of tummy fat.With the proper fitness and nutrition system in place, you can quickly burn tummy fat, lose weight and get fit in a small amount of time in the comfort of your home. You can dramatically transform your body.
Looking great is not just a function of how much fat you burn when you are working out, because you can only exercise so much in a given week. The real secret is how metabolically active your body is the other 95% of the time.
Infact, with all these aforementioned products, most vendors will tell you to drink lots of water, as much as half your body weight, water is a great detoxifier ,cleanser and revitalizes the skin too. Also, to follow a moderate diet and exercise routine, weight loss has more prominent effect if followed up by a diet and exercise routine.
Here’s a helpful detail on how to lose weight. It gives insight into calories required to keep your body going, exercises you can do from comfort of your home and other useful ideas.
Do you have useful ideas or solutions that have proven useful to you or your close one in effective weight management, pls feel free to share with us.