The Art of fruity displays: How to get started

fruit shapes
fruit creationsCreative displays of fruit artistry adds color, glamor and awesomeness to an event more colorful , asides from showing one's class and taste, it also helps satisfy your guests palates at the same time. Fruit displays and arrangements is one of the emerging markets that has few professionals unable to meet the growing demand yet. Fruit sculpturing is a dedicated art and its business is profitable one, if you don't believe, see edible arrangements and you will know its a mega million making business for those who have the right determination and creative flair for turning edible food into works of art with the right business sense. A fruit artist must be patient, understand her client's need and aim to satisfy it, in taste and in service, be dedicated and passionate about her skill, as fruit carving requires the perfection .

Why Fruits
Fruits contains various essential vitamins and minerals valuable for healthy living, skin hydration, prevention of illness and diseases, acts as an energy source and improves food appetite.
Examples of fruit arrangements:
Fruit trees, fruity tables,Watermelon Cake/ Pizza,Fruit Kebab Tree, Watermelon bunny,Baby shower centerpiece,fruit platters, Carrot Flower,fruit kebabs,Orange Rabbit, pineapple cocktails,Pineapple Boat,Tomato Rose,Apple Swan,banana slices, apple wedges, dipped pineapple.

fruit artistry
Fruits can be combined in various colors, sizes, shapes to achieve a color combination, scene or theme(garden,Easter, Christmas, pink,bunny theme) . Check out these two different blends of various fruits to obtain two color themes.
a. Green theme: A mix of watermelon, grapes, apples, artichoke, plantain, peppers, and kale
b. Red/Yellow theme: apples, grapes, peppers, pears, tomatoes, bananas, lemons, grapefruits, oranges,peppers and tomatoes. 
green fruit
Picture credit: Martha Stewart

How fruits can be arranged at a wedding or events

1. As centerpieces for table decorations
2. Dessert table for feeding guests
3. As party favors,gift hampers or wedding packs
4. Fruit bouquets
5. Fruit fairs, Mimic images
fruit sculpture
How to get started in the fruit artistry business
The key to achieving sucess as a fruit artist is to be able to create attractive displays of edible items in such a delightful manner that appears delicious and pleasing to the eye ("Fanimorous" - In yoruba).
Here are few steps to guide you in the right direction;

1. Before you start, understand that fruit artistry is more than a career, its a passion and you must have the zeal and enthusiasm for it that will carry you through the business stages, from start to the heights you want to attain. You may not be skillful with a knife, but if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can still be a successful business owner of a fruit business by owning a franchise of an existing reputable fruit company.
2. Sourcing: Fruits are seasonal and are peculiar to a climatic regions, your choice of fruits will be determined by the ease of availability and local sourcing, imported fruits will cost more, so always have a budget and a time frame to work with. You can get fresh fruits from the local markets, canned or packaged fruits from super stores such as shop rite
3. Get professional training, this will help in building your creative skills, its best you waste the fruits in practice while learning to have the perfect hand in shaping a particular cut/ wedge than practicing on a client's order when there is not enough time to do so. to set up a fruit arrangement requires a minimum of 30 minutes to several hours to set up depending on the creativity involved and how fast the carver is. A typical training should be able to teach you about selection of fruit selection ,garnishes and work process.

4. Obtain the necessary carving tools and knives for ease of paring, cutting, slicing, peeling or shaping.
carving toolfruit tree
5. Have a cooling equipment equipment to keep the fruit fresh and retains its taste, not necessarily frozen.
6. Employ worker or get your family to assist for starters to make the work faster.

7. Always ensure to work in a clean and sanitized environment, as you are dealing with edible food, you don't want your customers complaining of running stomach or eating sand, such complaints can displace ypou fast in the business.

8. Avoid use of overripe or unripe fruits, it creates a sour taste. Use of vinegar and lime can help preserve the taste and reduce the sweetness / acidity of the edible arrangement.
9. Network, get referrals, build contacts and keep improving on your existing customers base for market expansion.Also have an online presence and request for feedback to know where to improve on.
10.Learn from existing fruit artists, read their success stories, how they started ,how they overcame business challenges too, here are few fruit artist masters:

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