This non-sew purse making project is for those who have been asking how to make a fabric purse from scratch but have little or no sewing skills, here's a simple process to make one ,you can try to make this at home. Any fabric, ankara,velvet ,kente or any other fabric of your choice can be use to make a lovely clutch purse either for casual, office or dinner use. Watch the video here

Materials  needed:
Kariboard or Fibre board (1)
Chip board or Cardboard (2)
Fabric (Ankara,velvet,kente) (3)
Foam (.25'') (4)
Fabric Adhesive (5)
Bag Lining (6)
 Shoe gum (7) 
Ruler and Measuring tape (8)
Tailor's chalk
Magnetic metallic pins (9)
 UHU (10)
  1. Start by ironing all the fabrics and lining you intend to use, also draw the design of the shape of purse you will like to make. For this project, we will make a small rectangular flat purse with a flap.
  2. With the tape rule and chalk, Mark and measure the length,breadth,and other measurements on the kariboard as seen in the diagram below. Use a pen to trace the shape and  Cut out .
  3. Fold along the marked lines , you will see the shape form.ankara purse making
  4. Cut the same shape out on the chip board. You can also measure ,but the easiest way is to place the kariboard on the chip  oard, trace,mark with a pen and cut along the traced line. If you are using cardboard, double it for more thickness, by gluing two pieces together before using it.
  5.  Mark out 0.25'' on all sides of the chip board and  trim off to avoid the chip board being longer than the main purse when done as it will be folded inside.
  6.  Glue foam on the back of the board using UHU adhesive, cut off excess .
  7.  Cover the board with fabric ,fold in at the sides, make notches at the corners for easier wrapping.  Attach any accessories of your choice to the purse at this stage.
  8.  Also wrap the chip board with the bag lining.ankara bag making
  9.  Prepare the sides, because this is a flat purse,the width is not much. Cut the side pattern as shown below on the chip board. (NOTE : The extra measurement of 0.5" is for folding the side into the main bag body). 
  10. ankara purse making
  11. Wrap the side with lining,fold in the sides,wrap the side from the other side with ankara fabric,trim off excess.  Allow the two edges of the sides to touch and fold along the center.
  12. To join all the purse's parts together, main body  and sides, apply shoe gum along edges of the sides (folded lines) ,the lined inside of the bag  (at the back)and the main body ( from inside) as  seen below.
  13.  Join the side and the lined part of the bag first, then insert into the main body bag.
  14. Attach the magnetic pins, measure and mark the center of the bag, that's the best position to place the pin on , don't forget the metal plate to hold it in place at the back.metallic pin
how to make non sew bag
The finished purse

If you have used this tutorial to make your own velvet or ankara purse or you find the post helpful, do drop a comment to let us know. To participate in our end of month free skill acquisition training, send a mail to , Sdk readers get high discounts.  For ardent followers and readers of this blog,Watch out, don't forget to drop your email ,you will be the first to get my new free e-book ,its full of projects and business ideas that will jumpstart your income.Its coming out soon.


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Just apply gum to it. 08038454123
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Angela Amadi said…
I will love to learn more, Pls add me on WhatsApp. 07038376846
Angela Amadi said…
I will love to learn more, Pls add me on WhatsApp. 07038376846
Angela Amadi said…
I will love to learn more, Pls add me on WhatsApp. 07038376846
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