Wedding inspirations: 12 acts a Groom must carry out before the wedding

You have found the perfect woman to be your life's partner, the lady of your dreams and you can't wait to make it official and spend the rest of your life with her , make her the mother of your children and build a home together,however there's a step to take before all is settled 'THE WEDDING". The wedding day marks the starting point for most couples and its awesome if the groom to take some important decisions and take some steps to aid next step is the wedding wedding preparations . Here are some pre-wedding tips to help you get things in order which will ensure the day goes on hitch free and very memorable for both of you.

1. Get engaged: 

 Make the proposal memorable even if it involves enlisting the help of family members,friends or passers-by(Go on bended knees, have a romantic dinner, plan a trip, do something out of the ordinary but you should be sure your partner will feel comfortable with whatever surprise you are planning, you don't want her running away or throwing your ring in your face out embarrassment or shame)

2. Put a ring on it : 

Know your spouse ring size and get her favorite stone or gem(gold,sapphire,diamond) for the engagement ring, if its a family heirloom, have it rest or resized to fit. You will be surprised about how much "flaunting" "ohs and ahs" the ring will generate.

3. Get to know your bride's family: 

They are part of your family now, adopt and cherish them as yours. It also helps you understand your future wife better.

4. Set a wedding date : 

Its not enough to choose a date, set it, but don't make her wear he engagement ring too long and turn it into a key chain. .Though you can't meet every expectation or please everyone, those that matter (parents,in-laws) and events (elections,curfews) should be put into the consideration before you decide on the date . There may be exceptions but its not really fair if dates are postponed or shifted more than once.

5. Meet with the Pastor,imam or the justice of peace:

 Ask for their input and discuss your wedding plans with them.Confirm if there are further requirements to be fulfilled before the wedding and how to go about it such as consultations, counseling classes, licenses or wedding rehearsals.

6. Pick out a location for the wedding ceremony and reception : Places get booked up very early especially towards end of the year. For busy areas or cities, social venues are always in high demand, if possible, book a year or months before the date.Whether you are using a religious building, a recreation ground, hotel , garden or events hall, ensure its available for use on the date you picked, make some deposit , get a written agreement confirming you have the place booked.You can also have an alternative for any eventuality.

7. Choose your Best Man, Groomsmen:

There are some special men in your life you want to share your day with, your childhood friends, office colleagues, co-workers, business asscociates or brothers. Include them in your "grooms train" and inform them of your decision.They will act as a support group, you can also assign some responsibilities to them. You don't have to have a matching set of bride's train and groom's train or rent strangers to wear a tux (Like in the wedding ringer, kevin Hart).

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8. Other todo before  your special day

Work on your guest list, have an expectation and allowance for unexpected guests who turn up, make announcements (church boards,bulletins, wedding site,print media),satrt a journal describing your happy moments and wedding journey. Work on your vows. Get your outfit(suit/tuxedo/native wear) and accessories (belt, socks, beads, cap,ring) early.Get a clean cut days before the wedding.Confirm your honeymoon reservations.

9. Choose the music:

A live band or DJ or both. Meet with these candidates so you feel comfortable with their personality.Make a list of yours and your spouse favorite wedding songs, give to the DJ and have them make a collection for you listen to it and be sure the sound/production quality is good. Have been to so many weddings that the music almost mar the wedding celebration.If you are having more than one music providers on the day, have them coordinate well and let them know your wishes on the moments you want them to play. For example, if a a DJ plays during the couple entrance and dance, the band can play during the guests' turn.

Settle all issues with your exes: This is for no one to show up to disrupt your wedding. If you have a pending divorce,court case or unsettled matters , hold on till all is settled and resolved, its not ideal to enter a marriage with an unclear conscience, residual feelings of guilt or emotional baggage or your special day ends up like this.

10. Enjoy your engagement:

After wedding, is not the ideal time for "what if" or " only if i hads", spend time to bond with your future spouse by doing things together (dancing, reading, trips) and talking together. Don't take the engagement period for granted, its not official yet,its still a learning process. Have a great bachelor party, even if your friends dont plan one for you, organize one for yourself but don't lose all inbitions that you end up sleeping with the chief's brides maid.. Take care of your body and hygiene,start acting more responsible, don't continue to make fool hardy or dangerous decisions like drinking while driving,understand you have someone's welfare and feelings to consider.

11. Have a budget: Work with wedding checklists (you can them them online free) , wedding manuals or better still , get a professional wedding consultant or planner to assist in the planning and execution of your wedding day to . This will help to get more knowledge on what to expect before and after the wedding, have a stress free wedding with no debts to settle after the day.You should get the most out of your vendors,value for your money and cut all unnecessary expenses. Remember there's life after the wedding rent ,house upkeep and maintenance bills needs to be paid.

12. Above all, Have trust,understanding and respect for your partner:

Make your bride feel special and comfortable throughout on and after the wedding day. Appreciate her always ,there is no too much saying of "I love yous".

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