Event tips: 12 sure fire ways to to transport a cake and keep itf from falling apart

Have you ever wondered how to transport your cake to the event venue without it toppling, melting or messed up but to remain intact in texture and shape? With a fondant iced cake, its easier but transporting a soft frosted (butter icing, cream cheese) cake  poses a major challenge .Here are simple rules to follow when transporting any cake over a considerable distance.

father christmas cakenigerian green white green cake
Butter iced cakes
pillared cake

A pillared (left) and tiered (right) cakes.

Images: Sheyi cake boss
  1. Package the cake in big cardboard boxes, bigger than the size of the cake, alternately use big coolers, carefully slide in by the side. Using boxes have other added advantages such as keeping  the cake clean by preventing  dust, dirt, smoke and damage to the cake.
  2. Only package the cake when its ready to be moved,about few minutes or hours before the event considering the time to cover the distance to the venue. This prevents accumulation of excessive heat or moisture .
  3. Do not allow the sides of the pack to touch the cake.
  4. Always Lift your cake from the bottom not side.
  5. Keep the packed cake on a level surface e.g in the boot of the car. You can place a flat mat or carton on the floor of the boot to create more flat surface.
  6. If the cake is to be carried by you in a moving vehicle: Sit straight with your laps closed and Position your laps at the same level with each other to make the cake balance on your two laps.
  7. Ask the driver to beware of pot holes or unlevelled areas so as to take in the effect of the shock without moving the cake
  8.  To make a soft  frosting stiff ,Use more powder sugar with the icing of your choice,add drops of lemon juice and use a non-dairy vanilla creamer before whipping at a room temperature. 
  9. After icing the cake, refrigerate the cake for about an hour  for  it to chill. For transport over long distances, you should try to  package the cake and frosting  separately  and  put the icing on the cake at the venue.
  10.  For tiered cakes , package the cakes separately and arrange on  each other at the venue, alternately pass a dowel (thin bamboo rod) through the center of the multitiered cakes. For pillar cakes, pack the unassembled cakes and assemble them at the venue. 
  11. Remove all decorative accessories,toppings , ornaments from the cake and add at the venue. 
  12. The last tip is to be prepared, always have on hand extra frosting for piping, flower cut outs, accessories, frosting and a decorative set to improvise or  add finishing touches to a cake  in case of damage or any eventuality. 
Is there a way you handle cake transport which has made it easier ? Please feel free to share.