Trainings: Why you should attend Typearls trainings

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Typearls events and crafts is an outfit that is responsible for providing value added services and organising skill acquisition trainings for willing individuals, corporate organization and government agencies. In the next generation, what will drive the nation's economy are small to middle scale businesses , the production and manufacturing industry will be the leading contributor to the economy and major employer of labor. That is why we encourage people to take advantage of registering for any of our skill-acquisition/enhancing workshop to cope with future trends where innate creativity and skillfulness are the determinants.  You will leave the workshop armed with the knowledge and understanding of whether your business needs or warrants the use of the subject matter you were trained on.

 Our Training workshops are divided into 3 sections – 1) Skill acquisition 2) reasons why and How ,when and where to start using the skills. 3) After training support.  Here are five critical ‘take-aways’ from attending any Typearls' workshop:

1 – To Unleash your creative genius
To grow ,function effectively and not remain redundant, its important to learn a new skill or better  horn an old one to perfection so it yields effective results. many times, people continue to question if they can do something differently to create more impact, also if they are taken away from their comfort zone. Can they still perform? In every individual, there is a genius waiting to be unleashed, we give you the right push in the right direction and you will easily determine which skills you are so adept with and can manage successfully.

a skilled person can survive in many environments
2 – Guaranteed After support
To succeed in turning your learned skills to profitable businesses, you need the right training to learn how to get the right clients, keep old ones, maintain existing relationships and seek out the right target for your services. In addition to the trainings, other skills to make for a successful business are also taught  such as customer appreciation, effective communication, marketing, proper social media and online usage . A feedback is obtained from participants at the end of each workshop to ensure and evaluate the course content, trainer’s knowledge and training facilities to continually improve expectations.

3 – Learn best Practices
When you learn how to, and then implement and manage best practices and processes involved with any skill, where to get best materials, vendors, networking events and other related areas. It is possible to be more creative, successful and achieve great heights with the training received.

4 – Expert facilitators are available: The instructors are professionals skilled in their area of expertise and have lots of hands on experience in their field, they offer support during and after the training period to help trainees stand on their feet. Tutorials are delivered in simple language accompanied with manuals that’s easy to understand and follow.

5 – They are participatory: The class are informal and makes Participants more active, there is also a good deal of discussion of techniques and skills learnt in the workshop. The trainees are given lots of attention, practice exercises and given chance to network and interact with one another.

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