Birthday giveaway !!! Can you Name and replicate any of these party dishes?

nigerian wedding dish
Delicous foodies

Yay!!! My birthday is loading and I want to do a free giveaway to my blog readers . The lucky winner gets to win loads of recharge cards, a movie ticket and a birthday invite.
There are five mouthwatering dishes above,they are wedding delicacies and party favorites. Name all and correctly replicate any of them to win . 

    • Create any of these dishes above
    • Take a photo of your dish and tag #myfavoriteweddingdish  ,add it to your  social feeds (twitter, facebook, instagram or pininterest and tag #typearls too.
    • Follow TYPEARLS  on pinterest, twitter and/or Instagram so we can DM you should you win. Send a full recipe of the dish to
    • Comment below letting us know you entered the contest; as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.
    • I am giving a coiple of weeks to prepare the dish so please share your image and comment before April 24th.
    • A winner will be announced a day before my birthday April 25th so be sure to follow along.
Share with your friends to enter the contest. The giveaway is for everyone.

To encourage you everyday you wake up, I decided to share a power smoothie recipe to boost your morale.
What better way to start the morning than by energizing your body with fiber and vitamins necessary to nourish it.  A smoothie helps to revitalize, enrich  and improve your health.
1. A cup of Liquid : Water, milk or  yoghurt
2. Frozen ice:
3. Fruits: Fresh fruits is better and healthier than canned ones. Examples of fruits that can be used are Pineapple, apple, Orange, banana, strawberry, avocado  or a mixture of more two fruits.
4. Extras: Nuts (almond,peanut) or spices (Cinnamon, nutmeg)
Stirring spoon
1. Add the liquid , this helps the blades of the blender  and the fruits to move freely .
2. Add the fruits  (Washed, skin peeled, sliced or chopped to bits).
3. Start to blend at low speed for the mixture to blend well and finely as you want. Once the mixture is smooth and no noticeable fruit chunks or pieces you can increase the momentum of the blender by gradually increasing the speed  . Stir at intervals.
4.  Add frozen ice chips or crushed ice or  use frozen fruit . Too much ice can make the smoothie chunkier, making it harder to sip though a straw.
5. Pour your smoothies into long stemmed glasses, put in cocktail straws and design as you like.
Hope you enjoy your drink.
Lets see picture of your dishes and drinks as soon as you make them .
Feel free to share your recipes with us too.