Beauty diy: How to make carrot oil- Heat method

Here are four simple steps to making the carrot oil hair treatment .
1. Wash your carrots, peel the first layer off to get the orange clean part (10pcs - 15 pcs)

2. Grate carrots with hand grater
2. Cover carrots with natural vegetable Oil, soya oil or olive oil in a pot (any oil will do)
3. Cook carrots in the oil on very  low heat until they are tender and the oil has turned orange.
4. Pour mixture through a sieve and sieve over n over till u have little or no particles in it.

You now have carrot oil for your spritz, shea mix, Oil mix, normal sealing and hot oil treatment.

Carrot oil is an ideal natural skin lightening agent, it helps to tone and even skin complexion.

This post is thanks to  Rachel Okoegwale


chacha mishka said…
Hi Rachael, can I also apply on on my skin? " this exact mixture"