Beauty diy:7 Key steps to setting up a makeup photoshoot

Whether you are a budding or a professional makeup artist or  you are a photographer set to take some makeup pictures for a client. Here are few key steps to keep in mind. It is vital you project professionalism and creativity in your works as you prepare a portfolio to show old or future clients.  A picture  helps to put into words your thoughts and the feelings you are trying to convey.
makeup photoshootkevwe photography

  1.  Preparation: A makeup artist must be prepared always.  Have a time frame and keep to it,if You are shooting outdoors, chose a clear weather day , early mornings or late evenings are best or rather opt for a studio session where these factors do not matter. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. For several looks, you can space the photoshoots over few days.  Though creativity and improvisation plays an important role when doing makeup shoots but do  know before hand the kind of looks you want to achieve. Prepare a flow chart, stating reference pouints, time allocated to each makeup look, which model to use for what look and so on . Start with simple looks first (bridal, natural,nude) and progress to the more elaborate looks (photography, fashion,smokey eyes) especially if you have few models to work with. You can change a look by simply adding more touches of lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow here and there.
  2.  Collaborate: Cooperation with the photographer,hairstylist, model, your assistants (if any) is paramount to the sucess of the photo shoot, Possibly you can also get a creative director or stylist to help in setting a look, feel , vision or story to the photo shoot. Ask for ideas, and appreciate everyone's input, talent, time and effort. Success is a product of effective  teamwork, each person's sucess is dependent on other's contributions as everyone is striving to project the best representation of their work.  Build good rapport with each other, it goes a long way for successive shoot outs or referrals as they will be sure to talk to others  about your good attributes, such as how put together you were under intense pressure, efficient makeup application and keeping to time.
  3.  Organization: Keep your work table tidy, it helps you to focus and not appear scattered, it helps save time otherwise spent on looking for an item. gather all your cosmetics, tools and assemble them a day before the shoot, if possible tag or label them as appropriate, they should be within reach. A  professional case or tool belt will help in keeping order. Have refreshments,straws, facetowels,blotters on hand for everyone.Think and plan in advance, wear appropriate clothing, get the right outfit and accessories for the looks.
    makeup kit
    colour palette
  4. Good photography: Its best you get the makeup shoots done by a professional photographer or if you want a friend to help out, use a quality digital camera that gives much range of depth and has an optical zoom which  will produce clean, crisp pictures that will show off your makeup creation. . The 4 key ingredients of a quality picture is FOCUS, FRAMING ,LIGHTING AND BACKGROUND.
  5. For the photographer:Natural light works best,Use outdoors or  a studio with good stage lights, umbrellas can help soften the lights or use  a room with its windows open and facing source of natural light, too much light/sunlight  makes the face appear washed out or harsh, and less light makes the face blurred or dark. keep the background less busy and clear. Take different shots of the  details and processes, focus on specifics too, e.g eye makeup, eyebrow defining, blending, creating an outer v or cut crease, complete look, headgear tieing, brush set, color palette, be able to capture moods and the feelings of  the model . Your shots will also  project the techniques and show off the  created  looks. Even with complete looks, you should try to have some detail eye .all forms of distractions or any object that will photobomb your shot. Ask the model to be  relaxed and have fun patience instead of closing her  eyes, she can look down to keep wrinkles on forming on her face. Try out different poses and different angles, taking a picture at an angle can help emphasis a lip pout, cheek color, eye depth and add style to the look. Take several closeups. When editing the pictures, do not over crop or add too much effects, if the above rules are followed, your pictures are more than half ready.tying gele traditional makeup
  6.  Makeup tricks: Perfect eyebrows is the outline for the makeup, so define and shape the eyebrows first,the eyes is the focal point of a makeup, so be detailed when doing the eye makeup. Blend well,  try colors, different  shades of lipsticks for different looks, vary the head tie styles, accessorize the model's outfits with glitters, belts, scarfs, jewellery, any fashion item to complement the look you are trying to achieve. If you are doing a studio session, apply more foundation/concealer to absorb the lights.Below are some pictures from a recent makeup photoshoot.
    eyebrow shaping

    eyebrow definition


     lips and lashes
Stay positive attitude throughout the shoot and enjoy every moment.
Remember makeup photo shoots are not all glamorous as you see them in magazines , its all a combination of practice, patience and creativity. Just keep doing your best, don't be surprised if one of your works gets featured in Vogue or complete fashion.

Makeup: Lips and Lashes  (08160613801)
Photography: Kevwe Photography (07064356819)

If you have other question or suggestions/tips, please post them in the comments below and I can put them in at a later review.


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