Beauty: 32 Makeup brushes you should have in your makeup kit

Know your makeup brushes .
We are marching forward this month by starting off with  knowing and identifying your makeup brushes.

1-Fan Brush:This brush is use to blush, blend, clean up excess powder,light blush,  and highlight cheekbone, it is a multi-purpose brush.
2: Powder  Brush/ Kabuki brush: For Powder application on the face.

3. Blush brush :Flat but slanted brush. Use to apply blush and  Bronzer or blend out blush, powder or even  foundation. on your nose, neck and ears to apply bronzer
4. Contour brush:Use to contour  cheeks (just like Kim Kardashian's ). You just use the brush to apply  blush color or bronzer  right beneath your cheekbones.4 is an angled blush brush you you can use it
5.  Highlight Brushes:
6. Brush: To apply foundation or to help blend foundation
7. Fan Brush:  Can be used to brush away fallout from below your eyes.
8. Brow Brush & Comb:For grooming the lashes and to tame  brows
9. Mascara wand /Spoolie:For application of mascara products and separating of lashes, also used in brushing the eyebrows into shape before shaping.
10, 13, 17, 32 . Angled fine line Brushes: For eye definition, used along the eye crease to obatin a more precise line  along the eyeliner or lips. The thinner it it is the more likely it's an eyeliner while the thicker ones would be more for the lips but you can use any on the eyes and it would give you a different line thickness. This is used for light powder, liquid or cream products. Gives an airbrushed look when used with powder.
11. Sponge tip applicator: used for eyeshadows smudging and blending of shadows or liners.
12. Lip brush: For lipstick or lipgloss application.
 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28 : All eyeshadow brushes of different sizes used to apply shadow to the crease, lid or brow area.
21. Sponge tip /Smudge brush: This is  use for  smudging a concentrated area and to achieve a smokey eye
15, 22, 25, 29 : Flat edged eyeshadow brushes. Use along lash line.flat brush can be used with cream shadows or as a lip brush.are angled brushes and that can help create sharp edges, can be used on the brows (to fill in) or be used as a liner brush.
23, 27 & 30 : blending brushes to help soften and blend shadows along the crease of your lids
31.  Concealer brush: Ideal  for blending “under eye” and for “spot” touch-ups

Blending Brush: Also known as beauty blender,This is a  sponge/foam used to blend in makeup into the face. Its also good for  liquid foundations. It gives your face a flawless, smooth finish.Alos once your makeup is finished, use it to  blend in your  makeup together to give your face an airbrushed effect
beauty blender