Getting started in The children's entertainment business- Ronke Posh party packs

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Children entertainment is a growing business in the country, though it looks simple for an outsider but dealing with kids requires patience, creativity and endurance as the young ones gets bored easy. Different means of educating, entertaining and providing a constant source of attraction to these children is therefore required to keep their attention.
Undertaking this business necessitates going the extra mile to achieve excellence.
Some of the capital and equipment necessary for start-up are Land or rented space, side attractions bouncy castles, games, arts and crafts, pool,face painting), supporting staff, clowns/children comedians and security. You can get reliable food and drink vendors to provide feeding. Parent-teacher associations, Area Landlords, Inter-house sports, shopping malls, Schools,Children churches are some of the gatherings where you can source potential clients from.

Fortunately, I chatted with the Ronke Adeniyi , Director of a Children's Entertainment company called Posh Party Packs on how to successfully run a Kid's entertainment business. She highlighted ten steps necessary to run a sucessful childrem's entertainment company.
ronke adeniyi
Ronke Adeniyi
  1. Have a real Interest in children: Children are fun. Children are important. They form  the bedrock of your business. If they are in love with your services, they will keep bringing back their parents and guardians,increasing your patronage. You must Treat them well, they are your mouth piece.
  2. Patience and tolerance are must-have skills.
  3.  Research: Find out the latest trends in the industry and know more about the line of business.
  4.  Be prepared to invest time and money
  5. Training is very important, it make the difference and sets you apart
  6.  Have a well-written business plan ,  Document , review and update as you go along.
  7.  Interact with experienced people in the business or those working ad-hoc  with them. Seek their opinions and  advice ,you need their support and network to prevent you making unnecessary mistakes and avoid pitfalls.
  8. Take your business plan to Financial Institutions that support start-ups, for funding or advice
  9.  Start small if you can.
  10.  Real passion: One must be passionate about the vision you have, live and breathe it, as this is what will keep you going when things are not going the way you want.
When asked what has conrtibuted to the sucess of her Children's party outfit, she had this to say "I believe I have the ability to make them happy and bring joy to their lives. I also believe that every child should ‎be inspired to be the very best. Most of my events are memorable as our vision is to make every party different. It is a priviledge for me to be in this business as I get  to meet loads of wonderful childrenwith diverse talents and unique skills".
She also  adviced  parents to have these 5 key values to  foster a good parent-child relationship.
1) Family time
2) Family values
3) Prayer
4) ‎Friendship
5)‎ Mutual respect

More About Ronke,
Wife of Jones Ademola Adeniyi and mother of a beautiful princess.
Proprietress of PoshBabiesandKids School, Parkview Estate Ikoyi for children ages 3 months to 5 plus
Founder of the Helps at Homes Initiative, an initiative to empower families and individuals to make better decisions when employing domestic workers in order to protect their families particularly children who are usually more vulnerable. (2348125528442,, bbm pin:2b61473a)