Pictures and Video of my 30th birthday party

" All Aprilborn are unique and April 25thers make exceptional leaders"

This describes me in one word, 30 years of existence is not a joke, Am so glad to have this gift of life, my beginnings,family background,role model influences has helped shaped me, aided my journey through life and made me an amazing person.I won't trade the experience for anything, it has been worth it all.

 Growing up in Ibadan (Amala and ewedu is my favorite food, only if am not doing the cooking), Studying in Akure, Making a living in Lagos, Visiting cousins in the east,having friends all over the world , What more can I ask for? Africa is my birthplace,Nigeria is my country, always heartsick anytime am out for more than a week. I am so glad to be 30 and now it is time to recreate my own experiences and chart my course through life.
To all those who made my birthday special, I celebrate you all.Thanks to those who used me as their dps, celebrated me on facebook, their blogs (Stelladimokokus), Porsheclassy,Ellydot,1stborn,Nama staff ,Futarians,Adopted sisters ,blog readers, clients and social media family., The love and support was so massive ,Am overwhelmed.

Here are the new promises I made to myself as I became a year older.

1. Surround myself with more positive-thinking people .
2. Eat, live and breathe natural (More natural foods and products for me for a healthier lifestyle)
3. Shed off any excess weight and fake friends.
4. Dedicate more time to my writing and improving others lives.
5. Whatever is good, Whatever is true, Whatever makes me happy, I will adhere to it.

See more pictures from my birthday and video too.

birthday cake 

Watch the video here
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Christina Ty Adegbaju
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