SCAM ALERT: Online Fraudster exposed.

 I was on my own minding my own business, when this guy Adewale Michael Agbaje added me as a friend of Facebook, saying loads of things, blah,blah. He even claims he is a gospel singer. The short story is that few days ago, he asked to help me buy goods in uk and send down to me at no cost Because he believes am an enterprising woman. I didnt ask him to. Fast forward to today, This is what i get in my inbox. See pictures below.I believe its all these boys at work again.He has no friends on facebook, no pictures, though he sent some but  am not sure the one they are not his. The true owner should own up to put an end for his picture being used for fraud.

adewale michael agbaje
foreign scams419 scammer
nigerian  fraudsteronline fraudster
Moral of story:
  1. Be vigilant
  2. Do not be quick to add friends on an online media, Check out your mutual friends, if they have been posting recent pictures or posting up posts to see if they are real or not.
  3. Don't be hasty in accepting offers that seem good to be true.( The guy sent me message offering to buy me goods just few days after accepting his friend request).
  4. Check and recheck every information. ( There is no Atlantic airline in Nigeria, No airline will accept to transport goods without collecting payment for delivery, More so There are lots of flights from U.K to Nigeria especially Lagos everyday, so why choose Abuja?). 
The guy definitely choose the wrong person to deal with as I am one smart lady.

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