Get moving!! 10 sucessful online startups every Nigerian fempreneur should know

While you sleep and lament , some women are making literally cool millions daily. These women are no longer at the background, waiting  for a decision maker to determine when their daily allowances will be  dropped in their laps. Many, in fact, owns successful profitable businesses worth millions and what’s more, most do it from the comfort of their homes. Having your  business online can hold different meanings for different people, it can be a  fulfillment of purpose, an added source of income or just a passionate hobby. So here is my compiled list of top online entrepreneurial ideas for women.

1. Blogging: 

Blogging, simply put is putting your thoughts and feelings online for the world to see and read instead of on paper. It actually tops this list, all you need to do is to carry out a research on female bloggers in Nigeria and you will see they are doing great, earning large figures as income. Infact, I believe they are doing better than their male counterparts, the likes of Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimoko- Korkus (my personal mentor), Uche Pedro(Bella Naija), Tosin Ajibade(Olori Super gal), are few among numerous successful Female bloggers in Nigeria. 

The easiest part is that you just need to know your interest, discover your passion and write about it. You can blog about fashion, music, news, events, gossip, latest trends, legal issues, craft ideas, beauty tutorials, business reviews, politics, sports,  lifestyle choices (like I do), food, travelling or just about your personal experiences. Starting a blog is simple and you can set up one in simple steps either using a blogger or wordpress account (most popular blogging platforms in Nigeria) depending on your choice. You can also do microblogging on twitter ,tumblr,  storytelling on Storify, videologging on You tube, Snaptube  or image blogging on Pinterest, Instagram.The rise of super bloggers on these platforms is tremendous ( People like Banke Meshida Lawal (Bm pro), Porshe Abraham have so many followers and they use it to their business advantage).

2.  Online store:

An online store where people buy and sell goods is another business opportunity on the internet, though this requires advanced knowledge of technology and understanding of the web, but you can get experts to professionally design the store's website and a team to monitor orders, purchases and verify users of the stores to prevent fraud. Online stores such as Jumia, Konga, Kaymu,Dealdey, GTB smehub, Fashpa ,Amazon marketplace are increasingly becoming popular and a favorite choice for online users to buy and sell their products and services because they save time, are independent of location and offers variety for selection, the  store takes care of the logistics involved in the transportation, financial transactions and delivery of goods purchased. You earn a percentage of profits on all goods sold through your store.

3. Online Trainings:

 Be a training expert online by providing tutorials on different skill acquisitions to those willing to learn, from baking, makeup application, playing poker, creating new designs, sewing, building a successful financial empire, piano lessons, cooking, video editing and more. Create a course online, make it simple, easy to understand and if possible explain a step-by-step process using pictures and videos to get your message across. When people sign up for your courses, they pay a stipulated fee to access them and download the course materials. You can build a successful brand and sooner get invites to speaking engagements, workshops  and seminars which also generates more revenue.

4. Sales expert:

  These are of two forms ; Direct sales or Indirect sales also known as Affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing is a way of helping others sell their goods, you drive traffic to their sites or stores and get financial rewards. You can also decide to be an affiliate of  online stores (Jumia, konga,dealdey,kaymu)  as they offer remunerations to referring individuals who recommend their sites to others, lots of people make money as an affiliate marketer.
You have several options, you can be an affiliate marketer of more than one store, just choose accordingly based on their remuneration options and flexibility. Also You can make direct sales by selling  your own products or offer your service to help sell on behalf of others. Just  join any of these online stores as a member to expand your reach, open up the internet market and watch your business take a turn for the best.
To be successful as a sales expert, you should have a sizable network on your social media profiles and build your brand to be viable so people find it easy to buy whatever you offer to sell.  Marketing is not limited to others products, you can also sell creative arts, professional services,cosmetics, clothes, accessories, crafts or ebooks .It is added advantage if you include pictures, tutorial videos or ad banner of the products or makes them sell  faster. 
To make sales as an independent marketer, All you have to do is create trending  posts and updates on blogs, free ads sites (olx,, Amazon, related websites, Facebook groups,Whatsapp groups, prominent Instagram accounts(Like celebrities’), you can include them as comments but be careful its not so frequent, many may think of you as a spammer. You can actually get blocked and will affect your profile negatively. Also this business is not for you if you don’t enjoy selling, or have the tenacity and patience required of a salesman.

6. Web/Internet professional: 

Are you a programming wizard, email marketer, software developer, social media manager,code expert or an internet professional, Can You help build social media brands and drive traffic to sites?  Can  you carry out internet researches or profile businesses online? Then you should consider selling your services to those who need them .Your market includes lots of individuals and businesses  who want to be online, create websites and those who need help of a web programmer to build functional sites. Also you can create successful mobile or gaming  apps, web platforms and sell to those who are ready to manage it, similar to a web entrepreneur, You do the start up, sell at a profitable price and move on to the next project. Just like blogger and youtube was sold to Google.

7. Illustrations expert: 

Areas in this field include graphic designers, cartoonists, video editors, photographers and more. Your clientele include,authors, publishing firms, online photolibary (ShutterStock,istock, getty images), bloggers, vloggers, film and music industry. You can either sell your already made projects or edit for your clients. The options are limitless. Let your creativity bring you the success you desire and deserve.

8. Online coaching/consultant:

Do you know how many people surf the internet everyday seeking advice, asking questions , looking for answers to their problems and willing to pay for it ? Numerous. So if you have a knack for helping people, listening and solving others problems, its time you consider an alternative career in coaching. Find a niche you believe you have great passion and ready to excel in, it can be relationships, marriage, marketing, business startups, legal advice, beading, weddings, planning parties, parenting,non profit organisations,insurance, financial investments, life health, event planning, color coordination, fashion or any other field you have enough experience. Write about your experience, give tips, advice, tutorials, and offer online counseling sessions  via blogs, your own website , wiki or yahoo answers. When people are convinced you are an authority in your field and they get the necessary help when needed, I assure you will keep getting referrals . To suceed as a coach,You have to be patient, have integrity, fiercely loyal, accessible and be ready to invest time. The idea is to make people  feel accountable to you, they can share their thoughts and ideas without fear.

8. Writing: 

You can be an independent writer and publish your write-ups online via blogs or websites, or have it compiled into an e-book and sell to your subscribers like I did with my ebook.
Also you can decide to write for sucessful  blogs and websites as a guest post. The latter option has the added advantage of helping you reach a wider audience and get people to see you as an authority in your field. Some sites even pay people who are ready to provide meaningful posts on various topics, trending events, news, style, fashion, politics, sports as a way of keeping the sites updated regularly and providing their visitors with fresh views and opinions.
You can also act as a proof reader, editor, essay writer, children stories author, project researcher, resume writer, or put up power point presentations, prepare speeches  and write ups for those who are willing to pay for your services such as  celebrities, politicians and companies.

9.  Online forums:

 Create a group or association of people with similar interests  , you can be the sole administrator or add others to join you. The good thing is you get to determine the rules, the dos and donts of the group. These Interests one can explore   include dating services, collectors site, online surveys ,  travel /tourist guide, event planning, shopping,fundraising . As an administrator, you can charge a fee from members or outsiders who plan on using any of your services and for managing the forum.

10.   Brand  manager: 

Online manager for companies, associations, celebrities,Sportsmen, politicians are in increasing demand . A brand manager strives to build a success brand for its clients by managing their social media pages, websites and monitor their online presence ensuring only a positive image is held by the public and fans. In case of negative publicity or scandal, your responsibility is to do a damage control to minimize its effect on the brand you are trying to build, your client’s perception by others must always be in a positive light as a shift in perception can have a negative impact on their business, endorsements or political campaigns. Consider the case of the recent elections in Nigeria, you will agree with me that the internet played a major role in the success of many candidates. From online discussions about them and so many PR campaigns, the public were able to understand the candidates better, know their plans and policies. To succeed, you should be able to know and be updated of latest trends , competitions as related to the brand you are managing, be able to give out concise information ,create necessary promotions, have good public relations skills, and build a viable network with other online brand managers that can help their cause.

Above all, you need the following skills to survive as an online entrepreneur, First is interest , not the fleeting kind, you must have real passion, other skills include, customer service , search engine usage, knowledge of computer and internet, social media . Also know your targeted audience, streamline and customize your business to suit them. Have a laid out plan and Stick to it,though you can allow for a little flexibility, but must be for improvements. With patience and consistency you will achieve your desired results.
Final warning : Beware of online businesses which promises instant results.

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