Who's your favorite? Nigerian celebrities who rock Natural hair

#teamnatural . From Dreadlocks, Afro, twists, curls and more protective hairstyles , these are top 12 Nigerian celebrities who consistently rock their natural hair. And trust me,its lovely hair too.
You can find hairspiration from these ones.
Natural celebrities- www.typearls.org
Nigerian natural celebrities

1. Genevieve Nnaji- Actress

genevieve nnaji hair- www.typearls.org

2. Omoni Oboli- Actress

omoni oboli hair- www.typearls.org

3. Chindinma "Miss Kedike"- Songstress

chindinma hair- www.typearls.org

4. Yemi Alade- Musician

yemi alade hair - www.typearls.org

5. Ty Bello - Photographer

ty bello hair- www.typearls.org

6. Asa - Musician

asa hair- www.typearls.org

7. Chinamanda Ngozi Adichie - Author

chinamanda hair- www.typearls.org

8. Jodie - Songtress

jodie hair- www.typearls.org

9. Nse Ikpe Etim- Actress

nse ikpe etim hair- www.typearls.org

10. AphroDija- Music artiste

aphrodija hair- www.typearls.org

11. Denrele- Combo of so many things (model, presenter and fashionista)

denrele hair- www.typearls.org

12. Nneka-Music artiste

nneka hair- www.typearls.org

Just wish my hair will listen to the voice of the hair whisperer and all I have to do is to just shampoo, comb it,dress up and be on the move. No leave-in conditioners, no dcs, no treatments, no tangling, no combing, no buying different oils, no heat preparations and less hours of slaving over making hair potions, no visits to the salons. #Lifeofanaturalista . Well, we all wish!! I envy these ones. Recently traded my dreadlocks for low cut, and now am Considering doing more of twists .
So which of them rocks your favorite natural hairstyle?
Proud to be an African . Proud Naturalista.

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