Food delite: Cook Curry rice in 6 easy steps

curry rice-
Curry rice garnished with fried meat

Curry rice

Preparation time: 30 minutes


1. 2 cups of rice
2. Vegetable oil
3. Spices: Curry (2 mini sachets), Thyme (1 satchet), Seasoning cubes (2), Salt (2tbsp), Nutmeg (1 tbsp)
4. Carrots (2) - Washed and diced
5. Tomatoes (3), Habanero pepper /Rodo ( 3), Onion (1), Green pepper (1)- All sliced
5. Roasted fish
6. Water.


1. Parboil the rice for 10 minutes and Strain
2. Put  a  pot on heat, add small quantity of oil into it (Non-saturated oil is preferable for healthier cooking ), once the oil is  heated , add all your sliced peppers,tomatoes  and onion in (5) and fry.
3. Add carrots, fish , spices and  stir thoroughly.
4. Cover for 5 minutes  and allow it steam for 5 minutes.
5.  Add the rice, stir and let it all boil for another 5 minutes.
6. Voila! You can now  serve.

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Mr. B.A. Adela said…
Sounds like a plan.
Hope you try it. Mr Adela