Friday delite: Indomie Noodles with mushrooms

This takes just about five minutes:

Noodles ingredients
1. 2 packs of Indomie noodles ( I prefer the onion chicken flavour)
2. A can of mushrooms
3. Spices: Ginger and garlic powder, drypepper,salt, stock cubes,nutmeg
4. 1 small Onion ( Diced)
5.  2 eggs
6. Vegetable oil

A pot
Egg whisk

1. Boil an egg
2. In a pot, add a little water, pour in the indomie noodles pack to Cook  for about 3 mins. Add  diced onions.
3. Once it starts to simmer, add spices , the mushrooms and a little oil
4.  Whisk an egg, add to the contents in the pot. Stir well.
5.  For a variation, you can add sliced tomatoes, green peas or carrots to garnish
6. Once cooked,  put the noodles in plates to serve.
7. Enjoy.
indomie noodles with mushrooms
Indomie noodles with mushrooms

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