Giveaway: Ten things to smile about

Smiling is caring
If laughter is life's medicine, then Smile is life's Cure.  It is the panacea to many life troubles.  A Smile will lift someone's spirits, brightens his day and make him live longer.  To live a more fulfilled life, smile more and improve another's man existence by sharing a smile with him. Here are ten things that makes me smile.

1.  Someone else smiling at me especially an attractive guy- That's because am young,single,and love to appreciate the good things of life

 2. A new joke, favorite movie's preview or I remember any memorable incident from past.

 3. A freebie or new present   

4. An impressive photo caption 

5. A kid trying to play tricks on his mom or impress his friends- I have once been at that stage

6. Seeing someone that is happy and enjoying himself.

 7.  Being pampered and eating my favorite dish- Ice cream 

8. Whenever I am trying not to laugh out loud.Especially in church or a corporate gathering 

9. A free wifi with huge data plan from Smile's  

10. Just because I love smiling

See me smiling below, please don't laugh
Smiling face
 Whenever you  think of putting smiles on faces of people around you,friends,relatives, clients, people who matter to you.  faster and you want the smiles to appear more often, faster and long lasting. Think smile connections. There is no limit to the number of smile connections you can share. 
 Here's a chance to win a Smile's  free Smifi with 5Gb data wifi  couretsy of Smile communications.
Just list ten things that makes you smile often .


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1. When something is going as planned.
2. When I am pampered.
3. When I remember something funny.
4. Watching a cock or a hen run with food while others pursue.
5. Looking at funny pics of mr Ibu.
6. Someone smilling at me.
7. Watching the life of a cock or hen.
8. Being given a gift on my birthday.
9. Seeing someone smile as a result of a kind gesture.
10. Watching a funny episode of Tom and Jerry.