Marfan Syndrome: 5 basic things you should know

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Sometimes you lose people around you and you wonder Why, Why and Why? Arent the old ones only that are meant to fall sick and die , but alas, one is not God and therefore what can be or not be is not within our powers. Ours is to accept whatever happens in good faith, prevent accidental or premature deaths within our limits and practice healthy living. Recently I lost a friend Akintunde Ogundipe, an ex-schoolmate from FUTA,I was so pained because this is a guy that is young, has a promising future, loves God ,even his friends and  close ones all had wonderful things to say about him. Infact, his last post on his facebook page is about the popular song " Today O, I will live my voice in praise, No matter what I face, when trouble comes my way, I will praise your name". - song by Wale Adenuga. This is a testimony that Akintunde loved God and did not stop singing his praises till the very end.

I later discovered that Akintunde died from Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissues. From my research, I was able to discover some facts about the Marfan syndrome to understand the disorder better . Below  are helpful facts for those who have the syndrome or friends/relative close to them to help them get more enlightened. So here the 5 helpful tips:

1. The disorder is genetic, can be passed from one generation to another, infact, 90 % of known cases are inherited cases ,however, a person can be the first to have it in his family.

2.Early signs of the disorder can be detected , Symptoms include:long limbs, abnormal tallness, heart defects,pains in the legs, back or abdomen , serious headaches, weakening of the spinal cord e.t.c Fatal situation arises if the disorder causes aorta (main blood vessel) enlargement, affects the lungs, skin or nervous system.

3. People with Marfan syndrome are born with it, The syndrome is not contagious and can not be transferred . Infact patients with this syndrome go on to lead fulfilling lives and very intelligent. For instance, I never knew Tunde had any health defect, he was so versatile, a gospel music director,IT engineer and sings beautifully.

4. There is no known cure for the Marfan syndrome, but it can be managed properly to prolong life and give the affected patient a chance to live a quality life. Though the symptoms may manifest later,but early detection helps so as to get preventive medication on time Some medications can be given to slow down health degradation and provide relief for symptoms too. There is ongoing research to find a long lasting solution to this ailment.

5. Having the right knowledge, early diagnosis and proper care can help save lives and prevent life threatening situations.
For more information, consult a medical personnel or visit the following sites

Rest on Akintunde!!!


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Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing more information on the Marfan syndrome. Akintunde was my cousin and i was so shocked to hear about this especially when i never heard that he was ill.
Anonymous said…
Thank for sharing I am sorry about your friends death. I looked this up and have thought of a few people over my liftime that may have had it and never known. Did your friend know he had the disorder? Maybe if he knew he may have been able to monitor it. Sorry again