Souvenir ideas for Nigeria weddings: How to choose the perfect souvenir

ankara notebooks as party souvenirs
2 colored Multipurpose soap and ankara notebooks as party souvenirs
Have  you ever heard the popular yoruba saying" Eniti o wo ankara, ko le je Semo" and wondered what it means? Well the literal meaning is if You are not wearing the aso-ebi, that's the fabric chosen for the wedding guests, you won't be served party food (Semo is a local staple).Also, don't be surprised if you go to a wedding and  it is time for souvenirs to be shared, you may not be given the choice ones because you are not wearing aso -ebi. Though, I always advocate if you are going to share souvenirs, make sure it goes round,though  the size or type of souvenirs shared  can differ. Also, you as the wedding guest need not go to a wedding party expecting to be given a takeaway gift like it is your right. Weddings are joyous celebrations and should always been seen as such, Just enjoy the moment and rejoice with the couple.

Wedding Souvenirs are take away gifts for party guests to remember the memorable event, they are a form of Thank you,appreciating the time, effort and presence of the party guests at the wedding . The idea of giving wedding souvenirs has been part and parcel of any Nigeria wedding,sometimes, you will see guests struggling for party packs like their very lives depends on it. It is all part of the fun and adds to the highlights of a typical Nigerian wedding. The best thing is  that anyone can sponsor the wedding souvenirs, the bride, groom, couple, parents ,friends, associates or relatives, It is the motive behind the giving that actually matters. And for those confused as to what and what to give as wedding mementoes , here are some ideas:
  1.  Umbrellas, Raincoats: Good especially during rainy season
  2. Fabric  : Ankara, kente,Aso oke, lace in any number of yards
  3. Fashion items: Bags, shoes, Jewellery, Beads, hand fans, wristwatches, hair pieces
  4. Customised  stationery: Ankara Notebooks, pens, diaries,Calendars
  5. Movie tickets, shopping vouchers, discount coupons
  6. Mobile accessories: Phones, Battery banks,Ipads, Iphones
  7. Electronic gadgets: Rechargeable fans, Irons, water heaters, sandwich makers, rice cookers, microwave ovens
  8. Household utensils: Spoons, cutlery, grater, cooking bowls, soap dispensers,sieves,mugs,plates and other kitchen gadgets. 
  9. Chemical products:  Handwash, soaps ,Body sprays , perfumes, disinfectants
  10. Miscellanous: Toothpicks, matches

Souvenirs packaged by Typearls ready to be shared
Ankara notebooks ,shoe and bag as party souvenirs

Party Umbrellas
Am still waiting to be invited to the wedding where cars or  liters of fuel, will be shared,considering the state of fuel scarcity situation in the country. If you know of any, please send me an invite.

Follow the tips below to get  the ideal souvenir:

  1.  Have a budget in mind when shopping for souvenirs. Don't go overboard. You should have a guesstimate of expected guests or those you want to give the souvenirs to and buy accordingly.
  2.  Do a mix of souvenirs to cater to people's different choices and your own pocket. Do not choose just expensive souvenirs, remember "good things come in small packages", some guests may appreciate a notebook more than an umbrella, even if the umbrella is more expensive.
  3.  Take into account  the times and seasons the wedding will hold, your choice can be influenced by the latest trends,product discounts ,best bargains obtainable during that period. 
  4.  Customize your souvenirs by having print outs on them including; The couple's pictures, a text stating your wishes,"Courtesy of" (Insert name of giver) and other ads (Designer or printer details). All the above printing must be done in appropriate places  on the souvenir,considering space available and should not be overcrowded. 
  5. The souvenir that will have a print on it must have a flat surface,not multicolored , have a good texture for easy printing and for the printed words to stand out well.
  6. Packaging matters a lot,the souvenir's package should be attractive and presentable.
  7.  Have a sharing formula, a particular type of souvenirs given to those on the high table, the groom's friends, bridal train, couple parents, male guests, female guests, colleagues. It all depends on you and the number of souvenirs that you have to be shared ,but try as much as possible that your guests go home satisfied.
  8. The price of a good souvenir ranges from N150 upwards.
Do you know you can have souvenirs designed specifically to suit the theme of your event, like airpanes for an aviation event, boat key holders for cruise and water events, balls , plaques, fish shaped earrings, phone -like coat hangers. If you dream it, I can help you conceive and achieve it.. Let me be your wedding souvenir consultant, Send me a mail at to get a quote today.


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