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wedding guest styles
Wedding guests- Style contributors (Christina, Lewa, Debbie and Nancy)
Are you still thinking of what to wear or style to sew as a wedding guest to the your next social occasion ? Don't worry, just look out for new designs on this blog, will be bringing you different wedding guest styles and designs as worn by me or any other's that catches my fancy. 
Get your inspirations for fashionista looks here. So, last Saturday, I had to turn up at  Adewole Adedeji and Adebukola Esan's wedding, no fuel scarcity could stop me, wedding vendor or not.  Deji and I have come a long way back, almost 10 years now, always been known to me and our friends as Lugard . Surprisingly, my sister,Debbie and friends were at the wedding too as friends of the bride. #smallworldindeed. Sorry for derailing, so here's the wedding guest looks I Promised. Enjoy!
christina wedding guest
Yelz, am starting with me 
Outfit: Yellow cord lace gown, Olive green gele,subtle makeup. 
 See my matching ankara shoe and bag with a  3 layered yellow beads to complete my outfit 
wedding guest look
Debbie  (Kevwe photography) in  a green backless ankara gown mixed with black lace, try it if you dare.
cord lace design

 Nancy in turquoise blue lace, matching red gele ,bag and shoes  with silver layered beads
Lewa in  shimmering sea green cord lace knee length gown, accessorized by gold jewelry

Lewa's creative nail art - Feel those glitters
We took a selfie too. (Me, Lewa and Nancy)
More wedding guest outfits , Another wedding
wedding guest designs
 Its a coincidence, but we all turned out in blue gowns. (Pardon the lighting)

You also have to see this , beautiful decor and fruit stand at Lugard's wedding.

Fruit stand designed by fruitilicious


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