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Blogger 30th birthday
My 30th birthday cake
1. NOT do what you love best- Achieving your goals and dreams.
2. NOT Have a degree (at least a first degree), a professional certificate,  a money making skill, a dream job or career or belong to a professional body/association.
3. NOT Travel to your favorite places, especially an exotic place outside your domain  that you can boast to  friends about.
4. NOT Learn how to dress ,take care of your body  or look good always.
5. NOT throw a huge birthday party,where you invite friends to celebrate with you
6. NOT  try any dare-devil stunts or adventure that you have always been afraid of; rock climbing, snorkeling, skate rolling, sky diving ,car racing. Overcome your fears.
7. NOT develop a new interest, hobby or learn a new skill; makeup, baking, playing board/card games, cooking, sewing, drinks mixing, singing, film making acting, writing, blogging, whatever  catches your fancy, just try it , if just for fun.
8. NOT party all night, club , attend music raves, carnivals or hang out with friends (those that are likely to corrupt good manners), believe me, its awkward doing all these at some certain ages.
9. NOT  Get married, go steady, have a serious relationship or  at least do one at a time. No need for men or ladies jamming themselves in your place.
10. NOT gone for NYSC (service), no corper allowee for you be that.
11. NOT learn a new language or be more aware of current affairs trending  around you
12. Not have voted or be voted for.
13. Not spend money on what you can't afford but the item or experience of it will last for years; a splurge at an exotic restaurant,take a girlfriend/boyfriend shopping , get a  new designer suit/ wristwatch or perfume.
14. Not  have social influencers in your circle  or grow a network of trusted friends /partners
15. Not attend a creative performance; comedy show, music concert, plays, dance show, recitals, children's talent hunt.
16. Not have a millionaire idea, even if you don't have it in cash, but when turned into reality  can be worth millions.
17. Not meet someone famous , a celebrity , a politician representing your area, a role model, it shows you don't move in the right circle  or unwilling to  make the effort for  things happen.
18. Not have a role model, a mentor , or appoint a guardian whose life pattern inspires you , who  makes you feel encouraged, you feel responsible to,  can help solve some of your life's problems just by  sharing, relating and listening to him/her .
19. Not have time to meditate, go to church, make more friends, go out, pray , eat good food,exercise or spend with family.
20.  Not be able to turn off the internet  for some time to be more creative with your hands.
21.  Not have been called to give a talk, presentation or share your experience as an alumnus, an authority in his field or a sucess story.
22.  Not  have a financial budget, save dome money,keep a journal, write a post to share or  write a book of knowledge.
23. Not have discovered your passion , a purpose to fulfill or a life to touch.
24. Not be  able to take weekends off, sleep early, have your own space (in office or home),  buy souvenirs for yourself and others, pay tithes or help the needy
25.  NOT ready to sponsor a friend's wedding in any way (to pay the makeup artist, caterer, MC, comedian, bachelor's eve, bridal shower, after-party e.t.c) or you still looking for the couple to pay your accommodation, give you free aso-ebi or you go to a party for food only.Shame on you!
26. Not have professional makeup done on you or book a professional photo shoot session.
27.  Not fall in love, be in lust or have your heart broken. Sorry is your case.
28.  Not have a plan (financial, spiritual,social or emotional) for today, tomorrow or ten years  from now.
29. Not have done away with the clutter in your life;bad friends, dirt in the home, unused clothes and personal items,
30. Not  Do 30 days of something beneficial; a prayer and fasting session, fruit detoxification, scriptural reading, appreciating friends and families, sharing good news, be a volunteer, write a book, give talks at local school, any idea that comes to mind, make it work.

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