5 tips on how to choose the ideal vacation spot

What decides your vacation spot for you? My ideal vacation destination should have the “wow” factor in for me which consists of lots of sunsets, a good view to watch it from, a beach , home cooked meals, expense-paid trip,numerous novels and a great company who has  good sense of humor, adventure and can comfortably relax with. But the deciding factors to a great or poor vacation spot should be considered first. They are listed below:
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Ideal vacation spots. Peace, quiet and fun
  1. Budget: No matter where you dream of spending the next vacation, if the money in your pocket or I the bank is not enough to cover the expense of the trip, tickets, accommodation, feeding  and all other necessities. Just forget about that destination you have had in mind all along. Trust me, you need to have an idea of what you spend will wherever you are going to and prepare ahead for it. If you plan well and plan ahead, you can also get great deals, discounts and best prices.  You can also have fun in your own backyard, I bet you, you didn’t even know great places exist in your country, you need not break the bank to have a vacation or insist on an exotic island.  . After all, happiness is wherever you find it. 
  2. Personality: What kind of person are you? Do you enjoy sailing, boat cruise, and swimming, horse riding, sitting in a shade and reading novels. Do you enjoy your own company or you must have a companion to relax, what does adventure mean to you, casinos, clubs, collecting sea shells, and shopping, studying people, watching the scenery or taking city tours.  All these interests, likes or passion for certain things will essentially determine the places you will like to visit.  If you are going with companions like friends to share expenses or family members, you have to list your priorities and set a compromise as each person has his/her unique personality and everyone cant share the same ideals ,though you can be are to have travel companions who are attracted or share your passion for the same interests. 
  3. Timing:  Amount of time you have to spend, days or weeks, the vacation period will also influence the destination spot.  If there are new experiences you will love to learn, such as learning a new language or a new skill, then you need time. Also the season will determine if the vacation spot is a go area at the time, harsh weather conditions, social events ,political unrests, cultural festivities,  can make you change your mind about where to visit.
  4. Language barrier:  Though this does not deter an enthusiastic traveler, but if you are going to a place where the spoken language differs from yours, then before you make that trip, learn the basic communication such as “How are you”, “I speak so little”, “My name is”, “ I want to buy” , get a language interpreter or translator either in person or as an app on your phone. Just try to learn as much as you can about where you are going to, respect  their cultural and religious beliefs , so you don’t go acting ignorant, a snob or seen as a rude guest.  Best advice, If you are in Rome, act as a Roman.
  5. Be inspired: Follow your heart, make informed decisions after reading and listening, ask others who have been to your destination, to share their experiences with you. If not, just go with the flow, the idea of a vacation is to relax, be stress-free and enjoy every moment of it.
So now you have  a place in mind, please do not forget your passport, letters of introduction,  vaccination cards, travel itinerary, tickets, insurance papers, another means of identification, extra clothing, toiletries  (brush,bodyspray,lip balm), chewables (I love carrying a pack of gums with me) travelers’ checks, a diary or ipad to keep a record of your trip, camera to take pictures, Debit/credit cards, travellers’s checks money is important , believe me, its not a nice thing to be stranded. So always have an alternative or money kept for contingencies and an easier means of accessing it.  Do not be tempted to Pack whatever comes to your mind, just the important things, what’s the point of loading yourself down with luggage when it is likely you will come back with more, especially if you like shopping.

And next time you plan to take a vacation, Please plan ahead, don’t rush or you will be overwhelmed and ensure you enjoy every moment of it. That the idea. Isn’t it?


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