Women's health: Careful, that abnormal swelling on your vagina can be a Bartholin gland cyst

Women and their wahala, one of my friends recently shared her health challenge with me and I feel I have to share with others too to learn. She noticed an abnormal swelling on her vagina, painful especially during the act of sex that made the experience hurt and left her uncomfortable after. In her words " I knew It was not an Std symptom, as my husband and I have been faithful to each other and  always done regular tests, I was just confused Because I did not really know what could have caused the swelling"

 Trust me and google, after numerous research and poring over many materials, I discovered what the problem was- Bartholin's gland cyst, it was indicative of all the symptoms my friend observed and here are figures and facts you should know about it.

1.  A Bartholin cyst occurs from the blockage of a  bartholin duct as a result of fluid buildup in the Bartholin gland ( Brief info: The Bartholin glands make a small amount of fluid that moistens the outer genital area, or vulva. This fluid comes out of two tiny tubes next to the opening of the vagina. These tubes are called Bartholin ducts). An infected Bartholin gland is referred to as an abscess.
2. The cyst ranges in size from a small pea to a large marble , it grows slowly so usually not noticeable till it gets bigger.
3.  Bartholin gland cysts are usually small and painless, but make get bigger after sex as the gland produces more fluid during sex. The cysts go away after sometime but some persistent ones requires medical attaention
4. There is like hood, once you have a cyst it may reoccur, even if on different sides of the vagina.
5. How to know if you have a Bartholin cyst,Symptoms include, a painless lump in the vulva area, redness or swelling , pus, and discomfort during sex and in extreme cases if you try to walk or sit.
6. Once you notice if you have a cyst, the best thing is to avoid sex totally, as it can aggravate the swelling or increase the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted infections(STIs).
7. Take antibiotics and wash the affected area with warm salty water to aid relief and reduce redness.
8. If the swelling persists, becomes unbearable or if you experiencing fever or chills, seek proper medical attention to have the cyst removed by surgery or drainage of the fluid.