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Today ,am starting off my  bloggers connect series, every Friday you get to read an interview with a blogger, they answer questions related to their blogging business, "behind the scenes" efforts , share their "pain" to "gain" stories and also offer blogging tips.  Just read Ladun Liadi's skye bank deal or Sir Kenayo's sucess story and you will know that Nigerian bloggers have come of age,striking lucrative deals, enlightening people and most importantly impacting lives .
And to start off these series, Meet blogger Helen Ozor,an event blogger, She is a very special, hardworking lady and beautiful too as you can see from her pictures.
helen ozorhelen ozor

Read excerpts from her interview below:
TL (Typearls lifestyle):  What motivated you into blogging?
HO (Helen Ozor): It all started way back in 2011 during my final year in school. Before then, I had started modelling from my very first year in school. I was already used to working, keeping myself busy with ushering job, calender jobs and all. So during my final year in school, I decided to focus more on school activities. One day friend called to advice me on getting busy with some other things, so he mentioned starting a blog. And it didn’t require traveling and going a lot of stress and risk at that time, I decided to give it a trial.  For me, I’d say the zeal to work, to make the best out of the spare time I have was the motivation behind me starting a blog.
TL :  Name your Major interests/blogging topics?
HO : I love events, event has always been a part of me for the past 9yrs…

TL :  Who are your Role models?
HO : I have a few of them… Uche Pedro of Bellanaija, Ayeni D’great of BHM, Femi Awoyemi of Proshare and Ayo Rotimi

TL :  What is the Best advice you were ever given?
HO : Never give up.

TL :  Advice to upcoming bloggers and  blog readers
HO : Blogging requires patience, dedication, persistence , working smart. The road is not smooth but you have to keep trying till you make it.

TL : Name Other interests  different from blogging. (what other passion do you have)
HO : I love crafts.. I have beautiful memory bottles ,a unique glass bride and groom glasscups.

TL : Can you recommend blogging as a full time or part time job?
HO : Yes I can.  Blogging can be recommended as a full time job because it is very lucrative.

TL :  What’s the greatest /lowest moment as a blogger?
HO : Lowest moments for me are when things are not working as planned, when there are challenges.
Greatest moments are when there are lots of clients and money keeps coming in.

TL :   For more useful blogging tips, recommend a site.
HO : Google
Helen Ozor blogs at

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