Bruce Jenner turned Caitlyn Jenner - Matters arising

Caitlyn Jenner-
Bruce Jenner turned Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner-
Caitlyn Jenner

If you dont know, then let me tell you that the popular ex-Olympian and father/stepfather to the popular Kardasian/Jenner family, Bruce Jenner is now a woman known as Caitlyn Jenner. While many of his family members including his ex-wives, children (Kim kardashian and siblings) appears to have accepted the fact. Other people, many of them fans are yet to come in term with it. This transformation happens when the individual recognizes he/she is transgender  and wants a change.

Here are few facts to know about  transgenders:

1. Their sexual orientation can still remain the same -straight,gay,lesbian, bisexual
2. Not all transgenders have a sexual reassignment surgery, some chose to keep their original sex genitals and just take estrogen, testeterone or other hormone-enhancing drugs to improve their suppressed organs.
3. They are not hermaphrodites or  keep two sex genitals .
4. You cant tell a transgender just by looking at them.
5. A transgender is someone who feels different about his/her gender.

In these modern times, it is baffling the rate at which individuals, young and old take  life and body changing decisions that goes against the norm. Constantly, one hears of these decisions announcements even by prominent personalities who even do lots of publicity to inform their friends, families and fans of their new identity.Same sex marriage, bleaching (I am a white black syndrome),LBGT, transgender issues are so commonplace now that it is increasingly becoming part of our culture. Though in Africa, many people frown on such practices, but I have discovered that majority of the young ones feel a sympathy for the individuals involved,and have a " I dont care attitude" about it. No one will seem surprised if any of their friends suddenly announce he is gay,a lesbian,bisexual or just  go from black to white within three days.
If you ask me why people take such decisions,honestly I don't know, all I can say is that these people are yet to discover themselves and understand there is greater purpose in life than how people see or feel about you.

Not trying to sound too religious, I just wonder why people try so hard to change misconceptions about themselves so much, is it a plea for attention? Do they suffer non-conformity to accepted societal values, What really constitutes being a male or female apart from the obvious sex genitals? Men wearing wigs, skirts is it the same? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?Are they simply rebellious?
These are questions everyone needs to ask and  do some soul searching, probably the answers will help us understand ourselves better and  identify what matters most.
Above all, there is no reason to criticize, judge or condemn, one can only ask that each and everyone of us gets understanding and finds the peace within ourselves that we all desire to achieve.


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