Celebrating Father's day:Messages,gifts and ideas

"A father is nether an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way. Happy father's day to all my friends who are dads already, dads in waiting or future dads. God bless you all"- Part of my bbm broadcast message to celebrate fathers in my network.
Happy fathers day
Happy fathers day

A girl's first true love often times is her father,  and a boy's  first hero. God created  fathers to guide and protect his loved ones and the responsible ones take their jobs seriously. Just like mine.My dad made me understand that I don't have to settle for less when I can always have the best. He is the bestest dad ever.  A father knows his duty is to give his children leadership, care, time and above all himself,quality traits a woman must also look for when making a decision on who to be her child's dad.  he must be available as a last resort and always there to pull up his child if ever stuck in a rut. A dad must show love to his children not only on social media like most celebrities do nowadays, but at every moment even when not convenient like if the child has been bad or almost at the point you question his paternity due to frustration or anger, this will continue to reassure the child and remind him/ her that no matter what happens, you always have his best interests at heart.
Even google had these powerful images to share showing different characters (Bird, monkey, dog and a man) showing love to their younger ones in celebration of father's day.

fathers day google image
Google  Image
And if you are thinking of what to get your Dad, husband,or the man in your life in appreciation of him being a good father, here are some ideas based on his interests.

1.Business  - Briefcase, Ties, a new suit and shirts, buy him a new book  on entrpreneurship or business (not any book, but one that will have more impact), Organiser, Mini-travel bag withh all necessary kit, 
2. Fashion and lifestyle- A bottle of his favorite drink or  perfume, cigars, classic sun shades, briefs, boxers, new clothing, a pair of designer shoes, Handy tools set (If he is the outdoorsy type), his favorite music collection (old and recent songs), wristwatch, pay /organize for his next  birthday hangout with friends , cook him his favorite meal or grill a barbecue, For a change, be the man and take him to a restaurant or movie
3. Sportsman- New golf set, tennis ball, racket, pre-order of his favorite sports magazines or news letter, a month deposit at his gym or club
4. Politics -  Make sure he is subscribed to the news sites which updates true and recent happenings,  latest news feed  or gets to watch them online or on tv. 
 5. Electronics- Iphone 6 or any latest smart phone, Ipad, Camera, Sound speakers e.t.c.

Just let him enjoy today and be glad he has a child who also respects,love and care about him. If he is a new father ,be patient till he adjusts,Contrary to popular opinion, fathers wants to be involved in the upbringing of their children in every aspect, so make him feel involved. Parenting is not an easy task, experiences are different, Its a learning process,, Remember no one has the full authority on it.

Once again #happyfathersday

Once again