Entrepreneur series: 50 fastest ways to Kill your Career by Ali Baba

50 career killers by Ali Baba
Ali Baba

These are words of wisdom shared by ace Nigerian Comedian Ali Baba  to artistes as he turned 50. It s a great way to celebrate a golden jubilee, giving back to the society, sharing knowledge, mentoring others,  encouraging the future generation and being a good role model to thousands of youths who wants to learn from his experience. These golden nuggets, I believe are not only for artistes but for every aspiring entrepreneur working hard to build a successful brand. Read them here and add your thought to it.
  1. Not understanding the business
  2. Failure to research
  3. Poor financial management skills
  4. Charges and discounts
  5. Pride and arrogance
  6. Expensive Lifestyle
  7. Taking game changers for granted 
  8. Bad health 
  9. Peer pressure
  10. Lack of quality education
  11. Wicked contracts
  12. Failure to take risks 
  13. Not matching up to competition
  14. Not networking 
  15. Failure to weigh consequences of decisions
  16. Wanting to be everything
  17. Hangers on who don't build or contribute but only take 
  18. I have arrived attitude
  19. Side chicks
  20. Indian hemp
  21. Complacency
  22. Bad PR
  23. Rent
  24. Baby momma 
  25. Facing the future with old ideas
  26. Stingy and selfish 
  27. Can't think for themselves and won't pay someone who can 
  28. Not IT compliant. 
  29. Keeping up appearances
  30. Lack of integrit
  31. Bad company 
  32. Bad habits 
  33. Alcohol
  34. No self confidence 
  35. Bad belle journalists 
  36. Wrong advicers
  37. That stalker you said NOOOO! To 
  38. Beef aka jealousy
  39. No set goals 
  40. No mentors and role models 
  41. Karma (Fate  or "what goes around comes around") 
  42. Afowofa (Consequence caused by one's actions)
  43. No career review mechanism 
  44. Poor choice of life partners 
  45. Waiting for someone to make you a success 
  46. Weak upbringing 
  47. Home/family  trouble 
  48. Unnecessary rivalry 
  49. Controversy /scandals
  50. Lack of a structured Industry


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