Make a rosette with fabric

Remember the free decor class I posted here.  I will share with you one of the decor designs that was taught.  
As part of  table decoration
A full rosette
Material used: Any fabric (Chiffon,voile,or  satin) 
Some of the training participants
Steps involved:

1. Take any length of fabric (Chiffon, voice, satin). The size determines size of rosette.
2. Use one hand to secure the fabric, pleat the ends of the fabric with the other hand.
3. Ensure the folds run across the whole of fabric.
4. Take the fabric and fold about 5 inches from the end, fold several times till the fabric ends.
5. Tie securely with ribbon, to hold the folds in place.
6. Pick out the all folds in the fabric.
Now you have a beautiful rosette.
Use it to design walls,doors pillars, or add to drapes. Secure with pins or ribbons.Watch the video here


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