5 Reasons Why every Nigerian woman should have a Patience Jonathan as her role model

Patience and Goodluck Jonathan
Best couple of the year, Patience and Goodluck Jonathan
Dame Patience Jonathan, the former first lady of Nigeria (2010-2015) fondly referred to by many as "Mama peace" has  different meanings to different people. While some know her as a strong, supportive woman, the voice of the African women, others see her as the greedy , politically incorrect overbearing lady  full of grammar blunders . However, no matter the stand you take, I believe here are few reasons why a woman should have a "Patience Jonathan" as her role model.

1. Her unwavering support for her husband: Though her actions may seem uncouth but am sure she means well. No one  can blame her for any misplaced support because till the end of her husband's tenure, her loyalty was unwavering despite garnering enemies in the process. She remained loyal,supported her husband's decisions and fought tooth and nail to keep Goodluck Jonathan in the presidency.

2.  She has a strong will: Mama Peace is a goal setter, once she has her mind made up , she is ready to take the bulls by the horns. So fearless, qualities women like Kudirat Abiola, Margaret Thatcher, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Hillary Clinton possesed especially when it comes to protecting those they consider their own. Patience believed in a cause , the reelection of her husband, whether she has more reasons other than a  personal one, I cant say, but she worked hard in her own way, organising rallies, campaigns encouraging voters especially women to support Goodluck for second term. It must have been her strong will to  see her husband become more successful that brought her back from the point of death

3. She provides an entertainment value: Who will not miss Patience grammatical blunders, extravagant fashion dressing or her public  tirades? No one, at a point in the era when Nigerians didn't have much to smile about, she with her antics put smiles on the faces of Nigerians, her actions were the "butt" of jokes in households, social gatherings ,offices ,even comedians had a field day at her expense.  She was a woman just trying to be herself, no pretenses or living in conformity with socially acceptable norms , am sure we would have found her easily boring otherwise.  Her sense of humor might have  been the attraction for her husband, who knows? Or else how would he have coped with a woman who is not ready to take an initiative, always boring and cant take his mind off his plenty worries.

  4. Dame Patience has the 3 "C"s: Courage, Confidence and Competence, she does things on her own terms, even when the ill will was so strong against her and almost everyone blamed her for the bad luck in the Good luck administration. She stood firm, not deterred, ready to punish disloyal servants or cut them off completely. She became the most talked about Nigerian woman, "she has no child, only adopted children", they say. Was she baffled?  No, "She did not go to school"  Did  the accusation make her stop talking? No. She chose to listen and just  allow the petty comments wash over her because No one really knew her background or where she was coming from, the experiences that  shaped her and made her the woman she is today. So she took the path of courage, ignored the rantings and faced her business, her husband 'reelection bid'. She did not stop dressing ,taking expensive trips  or seeking medical attention abroad. Her competence as a wife can not be questioned even if that of a first lady is, her husband was second to none in her list of priorities. So once her love is pleased, every other person could  take a back seat for all she cared.

5. She remains the last man standing: After the elections, reports started filtering out that the ex-president was betrayed by his trusted ones and those who circle him as friends and advisers that even the current first lady, Aisha Buhari alluded to recently by stating that she doesn't want that to happen  her husband. Everyone is now realizing what a good man ,Goodluck was(weeks too late) but for the greedy and  disloyal aides  who were there for how much they could gain  along the ride. So one one can really blame Mama Peace for her hard line actions when she saw the handwriting on the wall and how these "Yes sir , yes sir" people were ready to finish her husband's career in disgrace. For instance, she called a meeting with the Chibok women when it was obvious the president's aides advised him the kidnap of Chibok girls is  one of many Nigeria's problems that will soon be forgotten by the citizens. An advice which proved to be fatal for the GEJ administration. Now, Goodluck is back in the Otuoke, Bayelsa state and who is there with him if not his admirable wife. Always there through the good, bad and ugly times.
 Patience and Goodluck Jonathan-www.typearls.org
You can see the joy on their faces and the completeness they feel  with each other 
Above all remember  that "Behind every successful man, is a woman" and not just any woman but a loyal, competent and  virtuous woman who is ready to take the fall for her husband at any time and willing to go the extra length to make him soar. Husbands, be reminded of your humble beginnings and early days , your vows of love, promises of "What I will do if ....." do not  easily forget the woman who denied herself so many pleasures and made unpleasant sacrifices for your success. Give her wings to fly, pamper and shower her with love . A woman can easily ruin or make you as many have discovered to their regret or happiness. The wrath of a scorned woman is worse than hell. Keep her satisfied and watch her take on your enemies, in fact she may have more success destroying them on your behalf. I have never seen a presidential couple so loved up, display so much affection for each other, trusted each other completely, never criticized one another publicly or call the other party out like Goodluck and Patience Jonathan. The more people antagonize Jonathan about his wife, the more  power and freedom he gave to her , I was surprised to see sometimes Jonathan relinquish the stage for his wife to address citizens during the presidential campaigns, that's the mindset of a man who  is secured in his home, believes in his wife's capabilities , knows she will not be in a power struggle with him  or fight for a center stage,was not jealous of her growing popularity or intimidated by her actions. The only advice Jonathan listened to is how not to rule his wife. She was the Ying to his Yang.  He was her crown, and she wore it well. 
Woman be wise!!!

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