10 Reasons why many Nigerian bloggers are still Single and Eligible

If you looking for an  intelligent, financially sufficient and self independent spouse to be married to, or just need someone who can multitask, challenge you in a gene of wits, exposed and up to date in current affairs. Seek no further, they are everywhere around you, just do a search on Nigerian bloggers who are still single. From my good friend, Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbonge blog to Nigerian's foremost blogger Linda Ikeji, others include Itunu Rotimi (Rhedruby), Kemi Filani, Helen Ozor, Chude Jideonwo (YNaija), Noble Igwe (360 Nobs) , Onibalusi Bamidele,Ayobami ladipop (Porshe classy)  Loy Okezie, Emeh Achanga (misspetitenigeria ) ,Tosin Ajibade (Olorisupergal) , there are still many Nigerian bloggers who are yet to tie the knot or get hitched. Considering many of them are celebrities in their own right, Its someone's bad luck not to actually see the possibilities that abound in the Nigerian blogosphere. But another's good luck if he /she gets them to commit.
If I start to list names of eligible bloggers in Nigerians, my site may shut down because they are just numerous. So here are ten reasons many give as to why many Nigerian bloggers are not yet married.
single nigerian bloggers

1. Time: Time to a blogger means more than money sometimes,  a booger needs to cram into 24 hours what others do in 3 days or more. To be up to date with trending affairs, stay ahead of competitors, compose and publish quality posts (especially those who do it all alone and still manage to post up to 5 times daily, kudos), keep up with appointments ,manage household and business affairs single handedly requires lots of time . Every moment count, and a second behind schedule can mean loss of traffic especially for news and gossip bloggers. Many of these bloggers may feel under pressure to perform and therefore have less time to acquiesce to every whim some people may feel is needed to make a relationship work. And  time is an important factor in contributing to and determining  the sucess of any relationship. Time to converse, share, build and be together. Even the engaged ones (Japheth Omojuwa, Chiamaka Social prefect) are still seeking the perfect time to do the official ceremony.

2. Erratic habits: So how many people can keep up with sleepless nights? Bloggers are difficult to carry on a conversation with because they are engrossed in  their work ,one wonders if they ever listen, or just continue to snub.  They don't go out and therefore unable to enjoy life. In fact, some accuse them of being closer to their blogging gadgets (PCs, Ipads, Phones)  than to real people

3. Bloggers are snobbish : They are so self absorbed:, act like they know it all and full of themselves some don't  respond to mails, reply comments or network with other people Others ). Bloggers acts as recluse, unable to appreciate the moment or live for it.  Has no social life, don't go out much or participate in events except  if money is involved or will further their blogs.

4.They live in an imaginary world:  Bloggers are so disconnected from the real world, they are one sided, biased and myopic in thinking ,only sees the world from behind their laptops, and therefore cannot understand the complexities involved in relationship.Though its allowed for them to give relationship advice to others, but they find it difficult to apply it to their own personal lives. Many believe bloggers need to pay attention to whats happening around them, contribute more to the society instead of being more concerned with traffic, rankings and adverts.

5. They have loads of admirers already: A blogger has much traffic with thousands of blog readers,so  they have must  plenty fans, admirers, wanna be spouses, love struck worshipers, they must have lots of suitable candidates with the right qualities to chose from. Why add to the growing number?

6. They are so flaky and vain: Bloggers don't understand what it means to work for money and therefore wasteful spenders. Many believe blogging is an easy, fun job that requires no hard work and what a blogger does all day is to sit and type, there is no account for the missed meals, forgone outings, hangouts, visitations and sacrifices mot counting the numbers of hours, money and effort in doing trial and error, fixing templates, finding best blogging platforms, apps, resources, getting data, hardware crashes and power shutdowns, learning blogging, picture and editing skills,content management, search optimization, marketing, back link generation, paying content writers and editors, backaches, feet pains and headaches because all they see is the free gifts, free tickets, free food, drinks, adsense earnings, fame, new cars, trips and fashionable clothes shown off on social media.

7. They have no privacy:  A blogger's life is always in the public for others to judge, condemn and criticize, even if not now, later when the tables are turned . A blogger can instead of settling a quarrel privately take it to the public for them to solve it.

So the above reasons are from the outsiders perspectives, but the ones below are from a  blogger's:

8.  Its hard finding an understanding partner: Many people live under misconceptions, are gullible to believe anything and not take time to understand the character of the person he/she is getting involved with , what makes he/her tick and nature of a blogger's life. Some prefer to continue to live in ignorance, not ready to assist or make a bloggers's job easier by adding more value or knowledge to his previous understanding.

9. A blogger is just like every other person:  Being single is not an affliction peculiar to a blogger alone, it cuts across the society and there may be various contributing factors, widening knowledge gap, economic situations, mounting  responsibilities, increasing unsuitability in prospective candidates and pressure to get settled in all other areas of life first.

10. It will happen when it will:  As with many other things, a blogger believe with enough patience, perseverance ,  quality search, and scheduling, a good marriage will just fall into their laps as soon as the right "someone" turns up. Maybe the right keywords are not included in the search queries. Who knows?

 Some of these reasons may be valid, but others  are misconceptions and exaggerated truths.  A blogger is an awesome individual with unique talents, being in a relationship with one means you are dealing with one intelligent optimistic  individual whose talents includes, persistence, entrepreneurship, patience, hardworking ,creativity, team player, good knowledge of techie stuff and writing, multitasking, has logical and analytical abilities,a bit of a psychologist, versatile in many subjects,can work at odds hours and ultimately committed
( If a blogger can be loyal  to his/her fan base, why not to the person who will be his/her partner for life) . And the icing on he cake is that many Nigerian bloggers happen to have good looks. I can personally testify to that. Being a blogger is no mean feat, its  takes a superman/woman to be one  However marriage is a beautiful experience especially when both parties involved are right for each other and they are willing to make it work .
 So what are you still waiting for, stop looking in the wrong direction? Connect to a blogger around you today!!

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