5 advantages of being a full time Housewife Entrepreneur

Full time housewife as an entrepreneur

Have you ever felt challenged or inadequate as a  full-time housewife?  You want to live your dreams on being a successful entrepreneur but don't know how. You believe you can do it but not sure how to start or wondering if  you possess the required skills. Then you are not really assessing your strengths well, or not giving yourself as much credit as you deserve. Do you know you have several advantages over those other women you  envy, those you think they are living their life and are more successful because they are not stay-at-home moms? Lets make a list of what you have going for you and how you can turn them to sure winners for you.

1. Talents: You can cook,bake,and clothes, bathe the children, drop them in school,pick them up, do the family laundry,answer calls  help out with assignment, review your husband's  work or help type his notes.You multitask easily and schedule your  shopping so it doesn't  clash with other appointments, the list is endless. Do you see business opportunities in all these day to day routine you consider normal and thereby take for granted. With the right help, you can work out a business plan to take one or two of these skills and turn it into a profitable venture. Caterer,car pooling, stand-in mum for all those busy mums, seamstress, editor, typist, gardener, hair dresser, dry cleaner, pastry chef, party coordinator are some of the jobs you can take on effortlessly. Just find your major interest and perfect it.So you are not totally without a money making skill,you only need to scale up a lot more.

2. Space : Except when the children are back or on holidays , you totally have the space to yourself and better if you have a larger space to work with with like an extra room or garage. The only drawback is that you don't resume as early as others and you have to also close earlier than usual , like say 9am-3pm, but within that period, you can do as much as you want with the free space. You can convert it to a work area, reception for clients or just your private corner to think.

 3. Time: This is the best advantage, you have lots of time on your hands, some say its not true, but I disagree, it all depends on well you manage it. If you cant schedule your time well, or keep an appointment, it wil be difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur. As a stay at a home mom, You call your own shots, keep a flexible time and can plan ahead taking your other commitments into consideration.No deadlines to keep to, No overbearing boss breathing down your neck , Late meetings, or unplanned traffic holdup eating into your time.
There is also time to learn a new skill or technology, develop a new hobby, sign up for classes and follow them through. You can use your smart phones to put  your business online, monitor it and keep up with latest trends. You can also take up online jobs that requires no turning up at office  like graphics design, proof reading, blogging or editing.  Having enough time to do your "thing"is one of great  compensations of being a full time housewife.

4. Family bonding: You ask how this is important to a woman building her business empire, but I assure you, it is. A full time housewife has enough time to bond well with her family, understand their needs, and monitor them closely. Less surprises is in store for her. For a woman to succeed in her  business , she has to have her mind at peace and rest. Less worries, no family turmoil, less anxiety about her children care, feeding the family or wondering who her kids are associating with, With her also contributing to the family finances, there is less financial burden to bear. Family time is important and its usually the reason why some women prefer to work from home especially if the children are young and just growing.  Once she has laid down rules,time for play, food,work and all family members are assured of her love and care. They become  more understanding and committed to helping the woman make a success of her business or work.

5. Community: A full time housewife being at home has the added benefit of relating more with her local community, (traders on her street, neighbors, other parents in school or church ) and  attend association meetings. She can turn this to her advantage by sharing her business fliers, doing a word of mouth advert and interacting with potential clients. After all, customers usually prefer those who they can trust and already have an interaction with. Am sure if her husband is a politician, he will give her total support on this.

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