Awesome: See What I got from a Facebook fun post

So, a friend send in a joke to me, I was trying to just share the fun around and posted it on my facebook account , someone actually decided not just to laugh only but help my cause. #grateful. Would love to share the humor too with you blog readers and see if you will be nice too. Read below!

"I really don't know why the news about President Buhari's rejection of N400 million meant for his vehicle has gone so viral... Is he the first or the only person to reject such??
I rejected d £9000 golden wristwatch that Cristiano Ronaldo sent to me as a birthday gift last month. I even rejected the small Bugatti car that is worth over #64m‬ that Davido also sent to me...
So what are we talking about? You can even try me by sending me AIRTEL or MTN recharge card worth N1,500. Just send it to my number or tru bbm and see if I wont reject it!

free recharge card
And see What I Got, wont tell you the denomination

N:B- I only reject N1500 recharge cards, all other denominations  of any networkare allowed. Dont be a doubting Thomas. Send in and see what happens!!!!