Behind the scenes of my business- Christina Typearls

Christina Typearls
Christina Typearls

Question 1: What do you do?

Am Christina, a crafts enthusiast, lifestyle blogger and events specialist. I love beauty, arts, freedom and nature. My motto: " If it makes another happy, fulfilled and better, then do it. "

Question 2: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Teaching and sharing knowledge. Also the satisfaction I derive from creating arts and beauty with my hands.

Question 3: What’s your least favorite part of your job?

Not being able to answer all questions, that's why I started the blog in the first place and some  clients who always demand free, free and still not appreciative.

Question 4: What are the top three tools you use the most in your work?
Smart mobile phone ( for taking pictures, setting reminders, keeping up with trends)
Sketch pad and pen
Brains and hands

Question 5: What business goal would you love to reach before the end of the year?

Publish a book and get around to doing all the videos I have been promising myself

Question 6: Who are three entrepreneurs that inspire you?

They are so numerous, but I have got love especially for African women, Nigerian females in particular who are breaking boundaries and charting new territories.
crafts training ankara crafts

Question 7: What do you listen to (if anything) while you work?
Nigerian and gospel music ( Currently Olamide and Michael Stampley are my favorites). They are two extremes, I know but it creates the balance and harmony I desire. Also Akpororo jokes.

Question 8: When do you like to work?

Early mornings or overnights

Question 9: What do you have a weakness for?

Ice cream with nuts

Question 10: What’s your favourite social media platform?


Question 11: Where do you get inspiration from?

Things, people around me  and God

Question 12: How did you get into this business?

Am a serial entrepreneur and love creativity. I always have a flair for learning new skills to proffer solutions. If another can do it, Then I can too, if not better.

Question 13: What’s one thing about your business that your blog readers probably don’t know?

Eveyone's climb to the top will take different forms, just find your own path.   Persistence has been what has been keeping my business going, because left to me, just want to cuddle on the bed and sleep .

Question 14: If your business were a fashion accessory, what would it be?

 A Wristwatch.  Timeliness and Order. Everything has to do with time, you can either work hard to  beat it or laze around for it to beat you.

Question 15: What’s your top tip for someone who wants to start an accessories business?

First, get a training or teach yourself either online or through books. It makes the journey easier. Don't demean other peoples work or take the shine off others. Never  limit yourself to what you have been taught, open your mind. Inspiration is all around you. Be creative, the possibilities and designs that you can come up with are limitless.  Don't compete badly, find your own space and rule it.

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