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Wow! Wow! And Wow. I got so many positive responses from the bloggers connect series, that am sure am not going to stop anytime soon. Imagine a popular blogger who taught me so much now saying she is learning how to do blog templates like mine, but Methinks she is just pulling my legs.

Dont mind me , sometimes flattery goes to my head, but this post is not about me, its about Berry, Berry sweet Berry,the name sounds fun and juicy just like fruit, though I don't know if its a Nigerian name, never heard of it before. So Berry is a lifestyle blogger, a woman of many parts ,contributor to many topics, if you visit her blog, you will understand better and she is beautiful too ,but sorry she is already taken. Now read her story .

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Lifestyle options: One outfit, different styles

Who is Berry?

 My name is Berry Dakara and I'm a Lifestyle Blogger. I started blogging in 2012 when I wanted to share my NYSC experiences as a foreign-graduate. After 1 year of blogging on The Aje-Butter's Guide to NYSC and passing out as a corper, I realized how much I enjoyed blogging and decided to start a personal blog. The Berry Dakara Blog started January 1, 2013 and it's been a fantastic ride so far.

 Major interests/blogging topics

Since I'm in the Lifestyle category, I can blog about almost anything that relates to my life. I like to share my experiences and tell stories (typically funny) of things that happen to me. The posts that get the most traffic on my blog are my weekend recaps, where I write about places and events I've been to.

 Role models

 This is a little tough to answer because I get inspiration from a lot of blogs, new, old, Nigerian and International.

 Best advice you were given

 It was not advice per se, but last year I was discontent with my blog layout/look and asked my readers if I should change it. Someone commented that they had been wondering what was up since she considered me to be a "serious blogger." I had never looked at myself like that as I felt, and still feel that it's more of a hobby. However, I can't run away from the fact that there are people out there who follow me, and so I had to make improvements. I still look for ways to tweak my blog - the feel, the posts, the interactions, etc.

 Blogging resources or apps you can't do without

 I love BLOGLOVIN, which is what I use to follow other blogs, and get inspiration from (click on their EXPLORE button one day). I love Instagram too. My Samsung NX300 camera has upped the quality of my photos, although I'm still yet to learn how to take manual photographs. I love the camera too because I can instantly and wirelessly send photos to my phone and upload them online easily.

 Advice to upcoming bloggers and blog readers

My advice is: BE YOU. Let your personality shine. You can try to copy and imitate others, but put your own spin on it so that it's more authentic.

Other interests different from blogging

I enjoy acting, although I don't anymore. I like to read, even though I hardly read books anymore. If I could get a job watching TV, that would be amazing!!!

Can you recommend blogging as a full time or part time job?

Yes, I believe that you can make money as a blogger. Take a look at entertainment/gossip blogs in Nigeria and you'll see that it can be a full-time job. I think that Beauty and Style bloggers in Nigeria are also beginning to make big strides in blogging as a career.

Greatest /lowest moment as a blogger

 Hmm... my greatest moment... I don't know. I reached 500,000 views this year on my blog and I was ecstatic at the time, but now hoping I can reach 700,000 by the end of the year. My low moments don't come from my blog; they come from life, but they negatively affect my motivation to write, which then impacts the blog.

 Final words to bloggers

Just go to Bloglovin and sign up, register your blog/website on their platform, and like I mentioned earlier, click on the Explore button. There are more than enough Blogging Advice posts on blogs from all over the world!!!

Am sure you want to Connect with Berry . Check out her blog here for more fun posts.
 Nigerian female bloggers are so attractive, intelligent and hardworking, even If I say so.

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Berry Dakara said…
Awww, sweet! Thanks for your kind words!!!
Eya Ayambem said…
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Eya Ayambem said…
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Eya Ayambem said…
Lovely read.
@ Typearls, my SIDE EYES at your direction. Thanks for leaving her anonymous, but honestly, you are doing a great job. She wasn't pulling your legs.
side eyes in your direction too.