Bloggers connect: Meet Deka Uhiara of Justfarbblog

deka uhiara
Its been a busy week for me, but not so busy that I wont share another of our bloggers series.  Meet Deka Uhiara of justfarbblog, a personal lifestyle blog. She shares with me on her road to blogging success. Read and be inspired.


 I loved writing and gisting with my friends and since I was a stay at home mom, a close friend told me about how I could put my write ups in a google's blogspot and it's free except for the internet part. lol.

Blogging interests:

Women lifestyle, real women stories, kids and relationship

Role models: 

Wendy williams, Chimamanda Adichie


Reality TV and singing

Great and low moments

When people read my blog and tell me how my write ups are really helpful
When my page views are low and my baby just needs my attention, it's makes me so scattered and somehow that day i might not write again.

Final words:
For blogging tips I recommend Ogbonge blog. Blogging should be done Part time cause its not easy especially if you are just starting.
If you do good, you do for your self, If you do bad you do for your self
Determination leads to success.
Visit her blog here

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