Bloggers connect: Meet Eya Ayambem of wivestownhallconnection

Eya Ayambem Eya Ayambem
Meet one of my favorite bloggers, Eya Ayambem, many of might have come across wivestownhall connection, a blog about women issues and food recipes, she is the powerful lady behind it. A proud mom of five and she has a great body too, even if I say so. So here she talks about her life as a blogger and the journey so far. Enjoy!
"Eya Ayambem is my name, from South South Nigeria in Africa. Arrived this planet 40 years ago to witness and take part in the happenings around here. A University of Abuja graduate of English Language. Mother of four pretty girls and their baby brother who just arrived seven years after his last sister. I live in Abuja with my energetic noisy family.

Different things moved me to start blogging, I have two blogs now and each started for a different reason. Let me talk about my fashion blog, which satrted few months ago. Whenever I go online looking for inspiration on what to wear to an event, I search many Nigerian fashion blogs and come up with good outfit inspiration but from students and girls in their twenties, that makes it hard for me to pick without thinking that I will be seen as kinda "mutton dressed as lamb" I wanted to see older bloggers dressed, to see how what and which looks great on them but couldn't find. So I asked myself, if you can't find Nigerian fashion bloggers in their forties, why not fill that niche for others like you who might be bombarding Google with queries?

Well, I like to wear African ankara prints with an international twist. I love to look sexy and beautiful in spite of my age and five kids. My major interest right now is fashion creativity over cost.

I have so many role models, you may not believe it, but my girls inspire me a lot, they are my little fashionistas. Another person I admire so much is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, she is one hardworking mom I sometimes get inspiration from. She has been able to successfully juggle family and job and fans without hitches . She still looks good at all times. I have to also add that my interest in blogging birthed when I discovered Linda Ikeji's blog in 2010. Then she still replied to comments and wrote a lot about the fun involved in blogging.

The best advice I receive is from my children and I listen to them. They always repeat this to me time and time again ..."never let other people's opinions bother you too much, just do what you feel is right and abide by your opinion of yourself. Do not join those who leave this world wishing they didn't waste long years struggling to please and impress others". DO YOU.

Though am still new in this fashion blogging business, but cannot do without Microsoft image viewer and my tiny Canon camera.

For My dear upcoming blogger, you need loads and tons of patience and perseverance, blogging is not a quick cash venture. If at all you'll make money blogging, it may take longer than you think. Blogging is serious business that must be taken seriously and uniquely. Blogging consumes time. You cannot blog haphazardly and expect to be successful. If you honestly want to be a blogger, you have to give it all. Blog full time. However, full time blogging should start only when you have started earning else, you starve and borrow to pay bills. Keep your regular source of income, blog part time until you are sure that blog can sustain you. The painful truth? only few blogs grow to that level, so it depends on you the blogger.

What can I say to blog readers now that will serve as bribe? Blog readers! how many times did I call you? When you read our blogs, even if there's nothing to say, bloggers love it if you can just type a "hi I was here" comment as feedback. If you do not let your blogger know that you enjoy reading his/her blog, she might just throw in the towel thinking no one enjoys the blog, while you stand to lose the enjoyment of your favourite blog. If you like to continue to see that blog online, endeavour to leave feedback. Leave your thoughts, type a comment, however short.

Nothing gladdens my heart like reading appreciation mails and comments from readers whose lives have either been touched or changed by just reading my blogs. Alerts are another great boost. No matter how small the amount of money, it tickles when I receive money as a result of blog ads. Mean comments? #weeping.

For useful blogging tips check out sites like Daily blog tips, kayture, blogger tricks, bloggertricks, problogger and lifehack.
Eya blogs at Wivestownhallconnection and nigerianfashionblog.

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Eya Ayambem said…
I had fun doing this. Thank you TL. Blessings.
Frances Okoro said…
Great tips!
And I can so relate with the "giving blogging our all", perseverance!

Aunty Eye, I have read some of your working out posts, seeing you here now, I am wondering why you talk about weightloss. Mami, you look great!!!
Eya Ayambem said…
Thank you Frances. Yes, from when I published those posts in march till now,I've lost about 8 kilograms. I was much bigger than this. My goal is to lose just 3 more kgs and then start concentrating on muscle toning.
duchess treats said…
The first time I googled a good blog eya's blog caught my attention, I love d simplicity of her recipes
duchess treats said…
The first time I googled a good blog eya's blog caught my attention, I love d simplicity of her recipes