Bloggers Connect: Meet Kemi Okpaka of KemmyOkpaka's blog

Lets meet another popular female blogger, Kemmy Okpaka,we have so much in common as you will find out soon (at least we attended the same school, Futa, though just found out while interviewing her). So read on and be inspired!
Kemisola Okpaka
Kemisola Okpaka
kemmy okpaka

Her bio

My name is Oluwakemi Okpaka, hence my blog name
I am an Architect, a Teacher, a beautician( MUA, Hair stylist), and of course a blogger.
I ventured into blogging to kill boredom. I had just changed residence to another country from my home country, Nigeria, then heavily pregnant with my first child, and so I couldn’t work..Sitting down doing nothing drives me crazy. So I started blogging(primarily for Nigerian residents in my surroundings, I try to bring them news and entertainment happenings in Nigeria, so they could connect with home)
And after I had my baby, got a Job, I decided to continue with the blogging, since it has become somewhat popular around here.

What she blogs about

The first is National news. Things that are happening in the political scenes in Nigeria.
The second is entertainment news. My readers definitely want to keep up with our entertainers at all times. They want to know who is being scandalized, and those whose relationship is new, old, or being rocked with scandals. (You know Nigerians like juicy gists. Hehe).

Her Role models

Hmnn, Role models!! To be honest, I really do not have one like in the sense of it. My Mom is my role model. She inspires me to be great, to be the best in all my hands find to do. I however have people who have helped me in the advice section, and which in turn has contributed to my success in the blogging industry. One person that comes to mind is Stella Dimoko-Korkus. She gave me some very useful blogging advices, and I do appreciate them till date.

 Best advice she has been given

The best advice was the need for continuity. ‘Do not stop even if you feel down, or you think no one is reading your work, and yes, don't let your focus be money, money and money. Yes you will make money during the course of blogging, but if your primary goal of having a blog is the money part, then you will be discouraged after a while, if you aren't having the turn out you feel you should have.

Blogging resources she loves

Well, I really don’t use any form of blogging app..( I am kind of old-fashioned. I just blog with my laptop, and I use the google chrome browser. Works fine for me.

Advice to upcoming bloggers and blog readers

I will be giving the advice I was once given. Don’t give up, be persistent, because that’s how you will get results. And Remove your focus from that monetary gain. Put in the efforts in building your brand, and money will flow in due course.

Other interests different from blogging. 

As stated before, I am an Architect, as well as a teacher, and a stylist. All these are my passions aside blogging. I do teach English to non- English speakers in my resident country (Bahrain) .
And my biggest passion, which I am still working on is having a relief home or an orphanage/old people’s home. Where I can cater for less privileged children. The home will double as a school and a vocational institute, so that as we care for these children, or teenagers, I can easily put them in school, or they can learn a trade/vocation , so when they are old enough, they can cater for themselves, and be better people for themselves and others.
I have taken some steps in that direction, but I am still open to partnerships and donations. ( i collect used (still good) clothes, shoes, toys, and food items.) I am distributing all these to some selected homes/ orphanages pending the time I will register my orphanage properly, and then the home/orphanage can start running.

 Blogging as a full time or part time job

Yes I would definitely recommend blogging as a part time job at first. So that you can have a steady income, while building your blogging brand, and when your brand is recognized and you’ve started making enough money to pay your bills, then by all means, make it full time!

Greatest /lowest moment as a blogger.

My greatest moment as a blogger is when I got recognized by a seemingly huge personality in Nigeria. I couldn’t belief he had read my blog. Also when people reach out to me, to let me know how important my blog is to them.

Lowest point 
 I reached out to some successful bloggers then, and omg! The hostility I got from some was so hot it could fry me some eggs. Lol. One thing that kept me going was that ‘’ the sky is vast enough for all birds to fly". So that didn't discourage me, infact, it did the opposite. I was spured on.

Recommended  blogging sites

These sites above have some really important tips for blogging beginners. Iam sure new bloggers will find these tips helpful.

Kemi currently  lives in Bahrain, though on vacation presently with her 2 active children .Do take time out to check out her blog here.

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That's my Kemi...u go girl!
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@CHRISTIANA: Lovely series you got going there #BloggersConnect very catchy theme*lol*A beautiful article on my good friend and co-architect/blogger from FUTA,Kemi Okpaka (always ready to help a brother out with blogging tips).
Keep up the good work and lovely blog you have here,best regards...
Thanks Dami, Will get back to you on the blogging tips.
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