Bloggers connect: Meet Olugbodi yewande of Oloriwendy blog

Olugbodi Yewande, a media and entertainment personnel is preferably known as Olori Wendy. She has been suitably experienced in her media career having worked with Television, Radio and Print media, before starting up her blog which is called Olori Wendy Blog.
Entertainment wise, she has been involved in modeling, music, and acting, which were her core interest as a teenager.
However, as an events organiser, Divas Strings is a yearly event that she has been able to achieve in Lagos and South Africa, while her next edition is scheduled to hold in New York in Austin 2015.
She believes in Women Empowerment and has a passion for Christ. So she talks to Typearls lifestyle on her blogging business
yewande olugbodi
Yewande Olugbodi

1. Motivation

What actually motivated me to start blogging was the need for continuous relevance in the media world. Having worked in the TV, Print and tested Radio as well, I needed a platform to kickstart me as an independence producer.

2. Blogging niche

My major interest are positive stories, though I later added gossips. However, I do not really like posting damaging stories as positivity is my theme. However, I focus on various blogging topics but mostly politics, entertainment and a lot of interviews.

3. Role models

All bloggers are my role model, as it takes a lot of hardwork to blog. To be relevant in blogging you must be able to sacrifice time, so whether one has a million viewers or have been blogging forever, ever blogger is my role model as I always learn a thing or two when I check other blogs. However, for TV, I would say Oprah Winfrey is my role model.

4. Best advice given

Best advice I was given was to start blogging by Mr Segun Omogunwa and he took the advice further as he created and promoted my site, likewise was uploading my stories for over a year.

5. Blogging resources I love 

None that I can't do without, as I always use anything at my disposal

6. Advice to upcoming bloggers and blog readers

Blogging has made information easier to spread, however, I would advise upcoming bloggers to be mindful of what they posts as certain stories and news can be powerful enough to stir up a nation positively or otherwise, therefore truth must be told at all times, or at least a bit of subtleness in provocative stories.
Readers however need to take blogs stories serious as well as they take other media, as not all bloggers are sham

7. Other interests different from blogging
Besides blogging, I act movies when I'm free for productions. My own Yoruba movie titled " Awokoku" which features Femi Adebayo, Kemi Afolabi, Jaiye Kuti, myself and other talented acts is set to hit the market in few weeks. I also music passionately therefore I sing professionally and in my church in the US.

8. Blogging ,full time or part time job

Depending on how business oriented you are, you can take blogging as a full time job. For me being a journalist, it is full time for me amongst my other involvements. however if it's just fun for you, then it's something to do to pour our your heart and news.

9.Greatest /lowest moment as a blogger

My greatest moment was during the presidential and governorship campaign when I interviewed some of the candidates and attended their events. Lowest moments are when I don't make money from blogging 2 months in a row.

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