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Coby films
Coby films
Meet  Coby Obiora, a Tv/Video producer. He is the  First child of a family of Five children. He hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria,  Idemilli local government  In Anambra state to be precise. He is in his late twenties and he talks to Typearls Lifestyle about his foray into Tv and video production. Read and Enjoy.


What motivated me to start was the passion I had for motion pictures. The whole thing was a retirement plan initially, but the passion just grew over time, and out grew my other dreams and aspirations in life.

 Criteria for getting started in Movie production

Though there are several areas of video production but I have basic tips regardless of which one you're going into.
  1. Most importantly is  that you should have a certain edge. There has to be an edge you're sure u have over ever other person.
  2. Then you have to be brave, patient and  daring.
  3. You also have to be ready to go the extra mile for your clients.
  4. Finally,you must possess  passion
Coby With friends

Coby Obiora

Role models 

My Role models in visual production, are Tyler perry, Clarence Peters, Kemi Adetiba, Colin Tiley, and a list of others. I look up to each person in  certain areas where they are quite good at.

Challenges faced and Best advice you were given

The challenges am facing now is that people know I can deliver a quality production in regards creativity and bringing difference to the table, but they're still scared, which can be majorly attributed to the fact that you fear what you don't know. And then the best advice I was ever given when I started out was by one of my mentors Djinee, Nosa Osayamwen, who told me that good things take time. He said I started out quite better than a lot of people , I should just be consistent and shouldn't ever stop doing personal researches.

My rise to success

What is different now about my business than before is that I came into this industry with no video to my name, but now the story has changed. I have a few good videos to my name, and the artiste management I've been reaching out to months before are now starting to call back my number, booking for meetings.
Now am so grateful for the ability to deliver creativity on the spot without having to give it a second thought. Not every director can do that.

Advice to upcoming entrepreneurs

Just one advice; Do it yourself so nobody can say they did it for you.

 Other interests  different from TV shooting 

Oh I love music. I record a few rap singles from time to time.
Your favorite clients;
Well, I love all my clients, we're family, the ones I have worked with and the ones we still have plans to work together. We're families.

Greatest and lowest  moment 

My  low moments were when I could not afford transportation fare to meetings where I have to meet potential clients. Those times I've had to trek long miles. My great moments comes when I get a client to smile at what am bringing to the table and assuring me we will work together.

 5 useful tips for an Entrepreneurs

  • Never do without access to Internet and social media. They should always be one click away from you.
  • Dress properly.
  • Always take care of yourself, eat well, sleep well. And seek proper medication whenever you notice abnormal symptoms. Health is wealth.
  • Always have a positive mentality.
  • And no matter what. Be sure you always do your job.

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