Entrepreneurship series: Photography startup tips by Saint Proffy Omowaye

Meet Ayokunle Adeola Omowaye A.K.A. Saint Proffy, a Photographer and videographer. He is the Director at Saint Proffy Multimedia and D' tunnel Ltd. He is  a passionate Nigerian, who believes in entrepreneurship. Read more
St Proffy at work

My journey into photography

‎I have loved cameras since Childhood, I took photography up during my IT year in 2001 with analogue camera (Zenith) I found it very interesting taking pictures, so I ventured into the commercial aspect at a JCI training retreat in Badagry (2001) with a friend who put me through. I dropped the camera in 2003 but Picked it up in 2012 when I thought of an alternative business and have never looked back.
I was at first discouraged because I believed I have built a status for myself where I could not feel too comfortable doing photography and then main challenge was how to come back into photography after a long time and to easily get use to digital Photography which is now the new trend, but Photography is a way of life for me now.
At first I got all needed equipment but didn't practise, I had to go online to study different courses on digital photography‎, editing software and apps. My first work experience is at the Ekiti State NYSC Camp , its there I also got fellow photographers who encouraged and taught me the handling of digital camera (unlike the  analog I was used to).
I  utilized my  social network  to market my brand, this  has helped my photography business . My studio has been able to cover a good number of weddings, birthdays, social events, conferences and still hoping for more.

Tips to other Photographers

  1.  Love what you do.
  2.  Build a team immersed in your vision.
  3. Come up with innovative ways to solve problems.
  4. Create a delightful customer experience.
  5. Quickly learn from your mistakes.
  6. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and prudence.
  7. If you are just starting, always remember "Rome was not built in a day". Be focused and you will get there. I got so many advice, but the one word that stands out is "FOCUS".
  8. Be humble to all your customers no matter how young.
  9. Deliver jobs on date appointed
  10. Don't under value the job because you need fast cash
  11. Invest in good equipment and learn how to handle it.
  12. Seek more knowledge in improving your skills.
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