Fashion style: What I consider as Wardrobe essentials-Princess Yetty

yellow gown

Here's fashionista Princess Yetunde sharing with us basic fashion tips, she says you can rock anytime, any day with the right necessities in your wardrobe. So ladies, if you will like to combine your individuality with great style, follow her tips below:

corporate wear
casual wear
bum shorts office wear
Yetunde in different outfits from  casual, corporate and outdoor style

"My fashion style is based on my mood and the occasion. I think about the combination of what to wear a week before the occasion, do some matching up in my closet before making up my mind on which to go for. I literarily do bright colors. Dull colours aint my style.

I recommend the following as must-haves in a lady's wardrobe: different colours of shoes or sandals with matching purses, cocktail wears, party wears, casual wears, snickers ain't bad because I love to put them on occasionally, I love wearing good not too expensive wristwatches, I love chandeliers earrings with matching bracelets most times.

Never wear more than two bright colours, tone it down with a dull colour e.g black, brown etc.
One unique thing I do is I bring out whatever I will be putting on the following day a night before and iron it if required to avoid lateness, or looking for where they are kept.A lady should be neat, orderly and not have an " I dont care attitude" with what she wears.
Did I  also mention I love my bum shorts to just to flaunt my long sexy legs. I get lots of compliments when I'm on them"

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