Food blackmail: 200+ Facebook group members taken over Franklin Awodiya

Currently trending on twitter, is a food war going on between original group owners of a group called So you think You can cook? (styycc) and a  Nigerian chef named Franklin Awodiya.According to reports,the  latter was invited by an original member of the group and co-admin Bola Coker about few months ago, but he turned around to hijack the group with a view of monetizing group members' recipes and contributions which goes against the original non-profit ideology behind forming the group. Talk of inviting someone to eat and he holding your hands, preventing you to eat and stealing the food away. Na wa o. And imagining just wanting to take over a group  that currently has more than two hundred thousand subscribers and counting.Just like that?
See some tweets below for you to understand.  (A friend actually tagged me in one of the twitter conversation).

 See Franklin's  response below: Apparently he owns a Food channel on youtube (Nigerianfoodchannel)

 And the good news,
Though the original owners quickly regrouped to form a new group "So  you think you can cook redefined" , they have their original group back as posted below by one of the admins Kemi Kale. 
Yay! We are back
What lessons can we learn from this #hijacking saga?
1. Protect what you have early , even if its not for profit, especially when its expanding and growing bigger, there are others who are really envious, wishing to have what you own and can do whatever to get it from you no matter the efforts, time or money you have put in.
2. So always stay ahead, get a copyright, have an alternative plan  and above all build loyalty. Am sure its because the group had committed and loyal base who did all they could to make sure the hijacking plan failed. From facebook, social mentions to word of mouth, the support was massive.
3. If you are on the right path, even heavens will back you.
4. One day is for the thief, another day is for the owner. No good comes from pulling others down.
5. I also believe this is good PR for the group, many more people am sure will want to be members now.

What other advice can you give to protect what's yours?

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