How to make Pomo alata

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Behold Pomo alata sue sue

There is Pomo and there is Pomo alata sue sue, the latter is the real as shown above.For those who also love eating Pomo.  Here's how to make one with a difference.


Pieces of Pomo: Washed,Scraped and cut to desired sizes.
5 Tomatoes
1 medium size Onion
2 Habareno pepper (Ata rodo)
2 Bell tatase (Tatase)
Ginger and garlic (A powder satchet each)
Salt (to taste)
Cube seasoning (Maggi, Knorr)
Little vegetable oil.

Cooking process

1. Grind all the peppers,Tomatoes and onion), but not too smooth. You can either finely chop the ingredients, use a manual grinder, grinding stone or pound in a small mortar. 
2. If the Pomo is hard, dont boil, so it doesnt lose its nutrients, just soak in cold water for few hours, the timing  depends on how hard it is or how soft you want it to be.
3. Though some fry the stew  and stir in the pomo afterwards, but I prefer healthy cooking and therefore I roast. All you need do is to place a pan on low heat, lay a foil paper inside the pan. Put in the oil, just enough to roast the pomo. If  the oil is little, the pomo burns and if too much, it drips of oil. 
4. Add the pomo pieces, the chopped pepper ingredients, ginger, garlic, salt, seasoning, stir all as it slowly cooks over the low heat.  All the spices, oil and ingredients has a fair chance of entering the pomo well as you like it.
5. Allow it to simmer until well cooked, this should take between 10 -15 minutes.
6.  Dish out and serve with cold drinks of your choice or eat with Eko (Agidi). 

Note: Pomo is animal skin meat, It is a favorite with many Nigerians and a local delicacy.
Enjoy your cooking!


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