How to prepare the Magic Lemon drink for weight loss

How you wish you can lose the belly fat that makes you look pregnant all the time and go to a fantastic figure 8 in no time.No need for drugs or injecting harmful chemical substances or even tying your tummy to your great discomfort. Here is a magic drink that is the natural cure for reducing body fat, saw it first on a facebook group and from the testimonies shared, it has been working wonders. So easy to make.
magic lemon drink
All ingredients needed for the drink. Photo credit -SuesNutrition


1. 2 whole (moderate sized) fresh ginger
2. 3 fresh lemons (You can leave skin on, I love the extra scent of the skin and its oil), even add lemon grass if you wish)
3. 2 or 3 medium size onions (with skin removed)
4. A litre of water

Drink process:

1. Cut all the ingredients into sizable pieces , the sizes will determine how much juice that can be obtained, bigger sizes means lesser juice.
2. Boil all for 10 minutes on low heat, just till it simmers. i.e do not overboil.
3.  Allow to cool and strain.
4. Drink half of the contents in the morning on an empty stomach and the rest at intermittent intervals during the day.If you do this in the evening, you can leave the drink overnight and reheat for a minute before drinking so the drink is just warm. Either put the remaining in a flask or drink it cool as it is during the day or  leave in the pot with the ingredients, cover it, reheat it when you come back from the day's job and drink before you sleep
5. This magic drink works well if it is the first thing you take in the morning and last thing you take before you sleep. It helps in removing bellyfat or fat deposited round the body ( thighs, buttock,flabs),though wont do much on your muscles.


- Use a  STRAW to sip the drink in order to prevent enamel erosion or possible tooth decay as lemon has high acidic content.
- Add CABBAGE to your meal at least once daily, to reduce conversion of carbohydrates and sugar into fat.
- Asides from weight loss, this magic drink is great for fertility in men and women as it aids conception
- For those who react badly to ginger, remove ginger from the ingredients to be used.
- Ulcer patients can add  1 Cucumber (sliced) to the ingredients or eat it raw to ease the digestion process and calm the effect the Lemon will have on their stomach.
- Pregnant and nursing mothers are exempted from this drink ritual except they receive the "clear" from their medical practitioner.
- NEVER substitute Lime for Lemon, they are different.
-Lemons can be found in the grocery market or big stores (Shoprite), try to get the fresh ones and not the dried up ones, the fresher it is, the more juice that can be squeezed out.
- Use fresh ingredients daily, throw away all used or cooked ingredients. So stock up on the ingredients, at least visit the market every weekend or so.
- Cut onions under running tap water to prevent it causing tears.
- If the drink is too bitter for your taste, add natural sweetener which is HONEY, do not use sugar or artificial sweeteners as it defeats the purpose of the exercise.

Finally,Drink this magic potion daily consistently for a month and watch the wonders unfold in your body. You may not quickly notice changes , be patient, body systems are different, but I assure you it works and sooner than later, you will also share your testimony.

Have a wonderful weight loss journey!!

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