Bead Diy 7: Make a simple beaded ball in 8 easy steps

 beaded ball
Colorful  beaded balls
beaded ball
Beaded ball process in 8 steps

Materials needed:

1. Small beads of your color
2. Beading needle 
3. Fishing line (0.25)- N.B. I will use thread as an alternative word , but its actually a fishing line that  is used and not the sewing thread. 
4. Wooden Balls (Available in all bead stores or local market)


1. Pick up 4 small beads with the fishing line, thread it through the first bead, pull tight and you have a loop. This is the first row. Each bead then acts as a crossing bead (CB ). So the first bead is CB 1, second bead is CB2 and so on , so you have CB1-CB 4.   
2. Pick up 3 more beads with the needle and pass the thread through CB 1.
3. Repeat 2 for CB2, CB3 and CB 4. So you have 8  beads that comes out tops for the second row. 
4. Repeat 2 For the third row (8 CBs)  and also for the fourth row  (16CBs). So a total of 32 beads comes out tops. 
5. Do the same (1-4) for the second half of the ball. 
6. Bring both  halves together,that it fits round the wooden ball.  Thread through the top beads of both halves to ensure the beads are tight and dosent pull off. Also Thread through the ball several times till it is taut and firm.
7. Make as many balls as needed.
 8. When in doubt, just follow the process pictured above to make a beaded ball, the images are explanatory .

Happy beading!


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