Why Nigeria women love beads and how to wear them

Hardly will you get to any social occasion now and don't find Nigerian women adorned with neck beads. Though both men and women can wear beads but they are mostly worn by women.  The beads are like the finishing touches to a woman's outfit and any elegant, fashionable and classy woman who knows her stuff knows best not to step out without her beads . 
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Different Nigerian bead designs and styles
Beads are small decorative objects stringed together.  These objects consist of glass, bone, wood, shells (coral), Pearl, plastic in different shapes, colours and sizes.  They can be worn on the  neck, hair, wrist and waist.
So here are 3 major reasons I believe Nigerian women love beads.
1.  Culture: Wearing of beads has  always been part of our cultural heritage.  Beads in many african cultures signifies royalty and also help in  classifying an individual's social status and tribe.
2. Adornment: This is in fact the major reason beads are part of a fashion statement accentuating one's style, beauty and elegance.  Neck beads are worn to accessorise an outfit while waist beads decorate a woman 's waist.  Some men actually fancies the jingling movements of the waist beads caused by the swaying of a woman's waist.
3. Religion: Rosary or prayer beads are typically worn by faithfuls of different religions to communicate with the supreme being they believe in. 
For whatever reason one chooses to wear beads, it's best to select one with  an eye for colour coordination, suitability of purpose and to define one's style.  If you are wearing beads as fashion  accessory,  do keep to the following rules.
a.  Less is more. Keep it simple
b.  Wear pieces that makes a statement.
c.  Coordinate the beads on your neck and hands tastefully.
d. Match the right neck beads with the right neckline.
e.  Choose the other fashion accessories like earrings, bangles,  belts e. t. c  carefully.
So next time You are going for a "Owambe" Party, dont forget to rock your beads.