10 ideal Skin care tips

To achieve a healthy, flawless and enviable skin, you must adopt a lifestyle. It includes balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, water , exercise and skin care regimen (scrubs, cleansers, toners, masks sometimes, moisturizers and steaming). Your skin type will determine the suitable skin regimen and ideal products .  Do you have a Dry, oil or sensitive skin? Use the tissue and blot method to test your skin type .Mixing different Creams  or bleaching is a cut corner approach and short term.It's not a satisfying solution.
Beautiful Flawless  skin
Beautiful Flawless  skin
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Remember these useful tips on your skin care journey:
1. Stop touching your face incessantly , peeling or bursting pimples leaves scars,spots , breeds  bacteria and worsen acne.  If pimples appears when you are pregnant, don't worry just follow the proper skin care routine, your skin will go back to its normal .

2. Wash, clean face and dust on white powder (apply with a powder puff) before going to bed even when you wake up to ease yourself, dust on white powder again. Apart from giving you a nice smell,it helps  seals in the moisture.

3.  Avoid using products your skin is allergic to. If it is a roll on, use body sprays instead. If it is aloe vera, use rose water. Always get an alternative or best substitute that works for you.

4. Do facial scrub daily and the whole skin scrub twice weekly, you can reduce the number of times if you have a sensitive skin.  Follow these Simple steps for a facial scrub. 
  •  Wash face with liquid soap like Neutrogena oil free acne 
  • Cleanse with a suitable cleanser like  pink grapefruit facial cleanser 
  • Scrub next   (Eden Aloe Beta Apricot face and body scrub). Cleanse again
  • Apply your toner and moisturizer
 Apply a moisturising cream after each scrub to replenish the skin's nutrients. 
(You can Use either Makari active intense or Idole cream. Note Idole is not for long term use, once you achieve your desire u stop and maintain with a glow cream). 

What effect does scrubbing or masks or moisturizers have on the skin?

The old skin covering the body needs to be shed every 21 days, the above techniques helps us to achieve such purpose.The dull looking skin is replaced with a newer supple skin. Scrubs helps in the shedding process, moisturizers return moisture and vitamins to skin to help maintain suppleness and hydrate the skin. When you bath and dry off, the skin loses moisture, a moisturizer helps in returning the lost moisture, keeping the skin soft and smooth that is why the basic ingredient for all moisturizers is water(aqua). A masque helps in shrinking pores E.g Q
ueen Helen mint julep masque .

Skin gets dry and wrinkled without moisturizers. Its the same as applying conditioner after shampooing hair,the conditioner detangles hair and makes it softer for easier combing.
5. A good sugar scrub works best for all skin types. Get sugar crystals, mix with some of your favorite oil (strawberry, olive, vanilla). that has some oil in it.
Sugar scrubs that can be found in the market are bodyology, or lemon spa salt. 

6. Stay away from medicated or antiseptic soaps, they are harsh, use mild toilet soaps or moisturizing soaps E.g Dove cream bar original, Lux, Irish spring , papaya or Black soap(Ose dudu)

7. For oily skins, use an alcohol or salicylic acid based cleaning agent like Neutrogena clear pore oil eliminating astringent or Neutrogena 3 in 1 triple action which helps to dry up pimples and remove oil while a sensitive or dry skin will use mild cleansers like Babyface or ordinary wipes and skip on  scented soaps.

8. To maintain, glow or tone, use scrubs, though a scrub is to remove old skin but some scrubs have several minerals that can aid toning also. Most scrubs will contain sugar, salt or oats as basic ingredients.  A dark skinned person with oily skins should avoid a scrub that has much oil, if she needs to tone or has stubborn dark areas, armpits, knees, elbows, fingers, the scrub should contain lemon, to be used at night only .

9. Don't dry off water after your bath, just shake it off, allow what's left to dry on your skin and moisturize. Always rub in your cream till your skin fully absorbs it. You will notice more suppleness. This is because our skin is actually 90% water, so you improve the condition of your skin with water. See new born Babies look so fresh with soft skin... They have spent a lot of time in water.

10. Do you have  black lips  and wish to lighten them, then scrub with sugar and lemon juice before bed. First put a piece of napkin in warm water and press on lips to steam it and stimulate blood circulation ,repeat four times.  Put some drops of lemon juice on sugar and scrub  lips with the resulting paste using a soft brush. Please be a  bit firm but gentle. Ur lips have fragile skin that can tear. Clean off with warm water and  rub some shea butter on to soften and ease the hurt.Your lips will gradually get lighter, feel softer and become more kissable.

Remember this is an original article written by me, Author's credit should be properly acknowledged and directed to this blog. 

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