20 Top Nigerian food blogs to follow

Following the success of my review on  Nigerian fashion blogs to follow in 2015. Each week,  I will be doing a series of reviews on  various blogs which covers other topics such as lifestyle, food, technology and more. These blog review series will kick off with something dear to my heart. Food  and good food too. I can literally recite the blogs I love off hand.  Right from when I was young, my favorite Tv programs were anything that has to do with food, Royco Sokoyoko, Maggi Family menu by  Phillip trimnell and the other one too by Iyabo Lawani.

Top Nigerian food blogs to follow
Top Nigerian food blogs to follow
P:s.  The blogs are not listed in any order.

1 Dobbys signature: Own by Adaobi Okonkwo.  There is one rule about this blog, you must either love the simplicity the recipes or  love the graphics. The graphics na die, if in fact you don't like the particular food , the graphics make you  fall in love with them, they are almost too  good to eat.Her food presentation is superb, it  makes the food come so alive , you wish it can be kept in a museum, just for looking. Don't mind me, what's the point of cooking food, if not for eating it after. Have been after Ada , to help me do some graphics too, Hope she will respond this time around. Dobbys signature has been featured on many food channels and sites.

2. 9jafoodie: Own by Ronke Edoho. Her recipes are simple, easy to understand and has loads of local content you can easily relate to. I also love the fact that she is not afraid to show her weakness, in form of some failed recipes. It only shows humans are infallible and its through constant practice, experience  one can gain knowledge. No one is born a perfect cook.

3. All Nigerian food recipes: Own by Flo. Flo is one astounding woman, she is an oil  engineer by day, just like me a full time job and still manages to churn out those amazing collection of recipes. Wherever does she find time to cook? And her tenacity for sourcing for local herbs and Ingredients is amazing. If  there is anything that  exists on this planet  and must be included in a food preparation. Trust Flo to tell you where to find it. If you are a Nigerian living far away from home, just drop a comment on her facebook page and you will be shocked as to how may stores around you carry such ingredients. Her site is a fountain of knowledge.  I especially like her small chops recipes.

4.  Nigerianfood channel:  Own by Franklin Awodiya.  Forget that facebook group issue, this man sure can cook, he knows his onions well and he has wonderful videos to go with his food tutorials too. And seriously when a man is let loose in the kitchen, he can either cause damage or outdo  a woman on her own turf. If there is anything I love more than peace and quiet, its having a man who can cook and actually cooks for company. Sometimes , its good to take a  break from the kitchen once in a while and be pampered by another.

5. Dooney's kitchen : Own by Dunni Obata. Her blog is just Wow!! Am so certain its her Ogi Popsicle that finally made me fall in love with the  blog. This lady sure knows how to tantalize one's taste and make imagination run wild. You know how it is to imagine , I have already finished the Ogi popsicle in my head,I savor its taste anytime I see the picture, I just hope I get to taste it one day and its lives up to my expectation. Dunni has been featured on so many food channels and blogs including CNN. Her instagram page is something else too, almost like another blog. Am still putting a bet on which she does better writing , cooking or firing up imaginations.

6. Wivestownhall connection: Own by Eya Ayambem. When am not busy picking busy her brains for blogging ideas, then  I must be busy reading her lifestyle tips and women advice. For any woman who needs help or any resource including food recipes, this her blog is certainly the best bet . Her food preparations reminds one of mummy's cooking.

7.Sisi yemmie: Own by Yemisis Aiyedun. Her blog is not just about food, its an eccentric combination of her personal journeys and life adventures, though she does the food posts once or twice in a month, but they are enjoyable and her efo riro recipe is something to watch, you will literally kill for it.

8. All Nigerian food recipes:  Own by Chy Anegbu. As the blog's name is , so is the blog, everything Nigerian food recipes can be found here and there are amazing videos to go with them too.

9. Lohis creations:  Own by Lohi Ogolo. Her blog is so beaurriful, but Truth be said, I really wondered if the food pictures  I see on her site are  Nigerian foods or foods from some exotic islands, on closer inspection, they are really. Partly because Lohi is a food photographer and she has eye for taste.

10. Muslimahanie: Own by  Haneefah Adam. Even from her combination of names, what do you expect, if not creativity.  This muslim blogger is making so much impact in the lifestyle blogosphere. I love her blogging style ,because we have so much in common, teaching others about lifestyle choices and diys. The first thing that will grab you on her blog is her drawings , though I prepared you but you will still be astonished by her creativity especially the art on her Instagram page. Her food pictures are so explicit , just by looking at them, you feel you are a professional already. Her blog is one of passion meets creativity and the result is excellence.

11.1Q Platter : Own by Iquo Ukoh. Iquo has over 30 years experience in the food industry and this is proven in her eclectic dishes. She uses her knowledge of dietetics to prepare healthy meals using all natural ingredients promoting healthy lifestyle.

12. Afrolems: Own by Atim Ukoh. You can call her the mother of the blogosphere, mouth watering recipes, you can drool and salivate over the thought of her food dishes alone. She conjures up recipes with Nigerian foods you will never believe its possible. And whats more, her  site has free ebooks for its loyal readers. What bliss!!

13. Tatashey:   Own by Anonymous. That's right, she is anonymous because I didn't get to find out her name, but her blog is full of varied dishes and she has a fun way of writing too.

14. Nigerian food tv: Own by Nky Lily Lete, apart from putting up step by step process of making various Nigerian dishes, she also has instructive videos to accompany the food tutorials. Nky is an accomplished Food blogger and vlogger, she has her own Tv show too.

15. Matsecooks: Own by Matse. Matse is an multiple award winning, Abuja based kitchen addict. From the santuary of her kitchen, she churns out  various dishes and sumptuous Nigerian delicacies  that just leaves our mouths watering  and wish we can be as half good as she is.

16. Oyacomechop: Own by Chio. This blog is full of simple delightful meals and as its name suggests, you are left with no choice but to want to prepare and cool these dishes at home. The food recipes are easy and ideal for those battling with weight loss  who will like to make healthy food choices

And these  facebook food groups, well they are not blogs, but give more information than some of the food blogs out there  does.   What sets the facebook groups apart is that most times you get foods and various dishes prepared by varied  cooks , professionals, amateurs ,and experts who doesn't take  catering as a professional business. You have the lots of moms, housewives, sisters and occasionally men who try to show off their kitchen skills and surprisingly they are amazing results. Never knew Nigerians can be so adventurous with preparing dishes especially soups. Used to think its the same cycle of yam, bread, rice , palm oil and swallow but Nigerian dishes is in such an advanced stage and much more than you can think . If only some group members can rise to the challenge, be prepared to take risk  and consider a career in starting a food business. (See how to start ).

17. So you think you can cook? (Sytycc):  Originally owned by Bola  Coker but now administered by Kemi Kale and 9 other members. You did be surprised that for a group that boasts of 250,000 members (as of today),  I Just got to know about it recently when I was tagged in the Group's takeover saga. In case you missed it. Read it here. I almost got sued for the post. Anytime I go through this group's posts and food pictures, my eyes usually pop out. So if I dont want to give myself a Stomach attack. I stay off till am fortified enough to handle it.

18. Nigerian food recipes: This is a Facebook group that has amazing interaction among the community members.You need to check out my Spot the dish ( a combination of different assortments ) picture that still trends in that group.

19. Funke Koleosho's food blog: If not for anything, her post on list of Nigerian spices and condiments is a must read.

As I write this post, there is this song running through my head,
The song is My papa, my mama, they love each other................
The food is tasty, the food is nice..............
Those are the only lines I can remember, You can help your sister out. Thanks.

And with all these food sites, you no longer have an excuse not to know how to cook more than Indomie and egg.

N:B This list is my own opinion, you are advised to add your suggestion in the comment  section below for later review and update. Stay connected.
And before you ask me why I am writing so much on bloggers and blogging recently, blogging is not an easy venture, every effort must be appreciated. Another tidbit, most of these food bloggers don't even live in Nigeria.

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Anonymous said…
Great list but how could you have missed www.matsecook.com ? I love 9jafoodie.com and dobbyssignature.com, Oyacomechop.com is a nice new blog too. Good job?
Anonymous said…
Just re-read my comment. It's actually www.matsecooks.com and yes, I am a huge fan of hers.
ChiO said…
Thanks for the mention! Love your blog.