25 items every man must have in his wardrobe

There is a clear difference between a man's wardrobe and a woman's and without trying to sound chauvinistic, if there was wahala and I had just 20 minutes to put all my belongings in a box, I would do it in 10 minutes or less because as a clothier, I do not believe in the "I must have everything" syndrome,one only needs the essentials! With just few but quality items you are set to be the perfect example of a typical GQ cover man.....and here are my top 20 fashion items every man "must" have in his wardrobe.
Nigerian male fashion items
Sola "Outspokn" Balogun
1. A white shirt: A white shirt is like a plain canvas which can take any form with which we want, whether corporate or casual, a white shirt serves that purpose. It is advisable to have more than one though.

2. Sky blue shirt: Serves the same purpose as the white shirt but this time, you are adding a touch of difference to your look.

N.B: A good mix of long and short sleeve shirts are just perfect. 

3.Black /Brown shoes:Whatever the shade, tan or dark, a pair of shoes are definitely must have ,when shined and polished they look good on your feet, these shades also match any colour of outfit you put on.

4.Underwear:  Singlets ,boxers or briefs must also be in your wardrobe. Always keep a clean set.

5.Brown and/black belt: This is to ensure that your belts always match your shoes.

6.Wristwatch: A good wristwatch does not just tell the time, it says a lot about who you are so take your time and invest in a good timepiece.

7.Suspenders:  Please note that belts and suspenders should not be worn together because they serve the same purpose which is to hold your pants up!..A good pair of braces add to your style.

8. Cufflinks: To accessorize your shirts and stop the flaps from flying.

9. Socks: I will expatiate more about socks in subsequent articles but I must quickly say that in this age of colored socks, before you go getting colors of all sorts,make sure you possess a pair of black, navy or grey socks first.As you will need to visit places where such outlandish display of colors on your feet will give you a label before you speak!A pair or more of good cotton socks will do just fine

10.Khaki pants: This is like the white shirt I talked about earlier.These color of pants go with just about every color of shirt or jacket you intend to wear and the good thing is they can be worn to casual or business platforms.

11. Wallet: A good wallet will help you compartmentalise credit cards, money, id cards and make you look organised.

12. Perfume: A gentleman should always smell good every time. Body Odours are a NO-nO. Not necessarily designer's perfume, but something that smells nice but not too cheap.

13. Dinner Jacket: You will need to attend such formal events at least once in your lifetime and trust me, you will want to be ready when the time comes and No, you cannot wear native attire.Lol. A dinner jacket is what we call blazers in this side of the world and it is usually advisable you have them in plain navy or plain black.

14.Native attire: For my tshirt and jeans people that live in Africa, some events just require that you wear a traditional attire complete with cap, it gives you that quintessential look. Differnt types of native attire are Agbada, Babariga, Senegalese e.t.c

15. Caps: Wearing a native outfit without a cap islike eating rice without meat or fish(whichever one rocks your boat).Why settle for 80% when you can do 100%?. A bowler hat, face cap also comes under the cap heading, so try to get any that catches your fancy. 

16.Black/grey trouser pants: You can never go wrong with any of these colours. 

17.Personal Shaving kit: It is important that you own your personal shaving kit so you can groom yourself at any time. Sterilize the blades or use disposable ones to prevent infection.

18.A pair of jeans: Especially blue jeans.

19. Tshirts: Life can't  be that serious..dress down every now and then.

20.Sandals: Allow your feet breathe and how else than a good pair of feet baring footwear!

21. Pocket Squares:  You need to boost your look when wearing a jacket! wear a pocket square!.I will talk about it further in coming articles.

22. Black/Navy/Grey suit: A suit is like an all-purpose clothing item for any occasion, business presentation, seminar, church service, delivering a lecture, meeting with important personalities and more. Get a three piece or two piece suit with the perfect cut to suit your style. The difference between a fashion designer and a roadside tailor is i the cut. If not for any other, but always get a professional to make your suits for you or buy from a respectable fashion house.  

23. Ties: Bow, puff, long, whatever the type, have one. It complements the shirt or suit.

24: Gym outfit: Ideal for exercise ,workout and fitness events. A Typical gym outfit includes a sweatband, top, short pants and sneakers

25: Leather bag/box:  If you are a business man or travel a lot, a handy leather bag should be part of your wardrobe to help pack your luggage in, (clothes, laptop and toiletries)

Thank you for reading!

Article originally written by Adesola Balogun, Ceo Outspokn clothiers. I have taken liberty to edit and add more fashion items.

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